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Where is the "Recently closed tabs/Tab menu" button on the top right?

  • @roberto64 said in Where is the "Recently closed tabs/Tab menu" button on the top right?:

    Unfortunately, it is already clear that the developers are not interested in what is happening here.

    That is not true. They even are bringing/brought recently closed tabs back to Search in Tabs

    It is a lot of users who are expressing themselves clearly and with arguments because they have taken a key option from them.

    For sure it's a considerable amount of users but still a very low percentage of Opera users. Even though, developers are taking that very low percentage of users into consideration.

    Since Opera has not even given a signal, a few words, to contain the numerous and respectful claims.
    Not here or anywhere, not even through moderators.

    Opera, except for very few situations, never did that in more than 25 years and I see no reason for them to have started doing it now.
    People complaining about something removed or added or changed have being happening since the beginning.

    And moderators are just users like the others, they don't work for nor represent Opera at all.

    The moderator of this thread has not provided contention, has been unkind in several responses and has taken sides against these users on this issue.
    This is also unfortunate and does not speak highly of how Opera is treating its users.

    Like I said, moderators are users and, as users, they can and will take a side in discussions if they want to.

  • I just want to thank this thread for telling me about Vivaldi.

    I've been using Opera since back when you had to pay for it (which I gladly did).

    One of the reasons I loved it was the fact that everything was customizable, which is something that has being going away ever since the Presto engine went bye-bye.

    Another reason was the small, innovative features that set it apart from the mainstream browsers, like mouse gestures, links and info panel, Dragonfly, recently closed tabs, completely custom search engines, etc.

    Many of those things have already disappeared into the sunset, or replaced by more generic functionality copied from other browsers, and like many people in this thread, the recently closed tabs functionality just being removed (twice) was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. It's a feature I use instinctively, and not having it in that spot hopelessly slows down my browsing.

    Within 10 minutes of installing Vivaldi, I was back at the browser Opera used to be.

    Sad to say goodbye, but as others have pointed out, Opera has been steadily becoming more 'our-way-or-no-way'. And if I wanted that, I'd be using Firefox or Chrome. I understand it is a free product, but I was happily paying for it before it became free, and would gladly still do so if it meant getting the old, innovative Opera back, instead of this paid-for-by-Google Chrome cosplayer.

  • @kodabar said in Where is the "Recently closed tabs/Tab menu" button on the top right?:

    It's enough of a personal favourite that I'd ditch Opera in a heartbeat to go to another browser that has it.

    Vivaldi has it.
    A few days ago I was testing it, even though I did not want to leave Opera ... but several reasons were added to start giving way to another browser (For my work I also have to use Chrome, Firefox and Edge daily, but I always preferred Opera for many years)
    And now Vivaldi has reminded me again of that Opera that little by little was lost ... that's why I will continue with Vivaldi.
    So far it's going very well.

  • @itsacon The same thing that you are describing in your post has happened to me.
    And the old and innovative Opera that I loved, I think I'm bringing it back to Vivaldi.
    So this straw that broke the camel's back, at least it seems to me to have served a good thing.
    Then I will continue with Vivaldi.
    Thank you.

  • For sure it's a considerable amount of users but still a very low percentage of Opera users. Even though, developers are taking that very low percentage of users into consideration.

    Probably, that other, big percentage of users don't use\don't know about this forum. Or are lazy. I am here because i really wanted to report a few things and was quite dedicated back then

    I mean, if people don't complain - it doesn't mean they auto-approve those changes

  • @mentallymental yeah i agreed!

  • I use this feature every day. If it is gone it's just one more step that opera themselves decides to take to drive me towards another browser. If you don't want users, so be it.

  • Bring back Recently closed tabs. I always accidentally close sth, and it's frustrating not being able to find it in one click!

  • I'm not quite sure what to make of all this.

    Opera has in the past appealed to a niche, I've always felt that "power users" who wanted more flexibility, productivity features designed to streamline common tasks, and an unobtrusive UI have flocked to Opera. That really seemed to be the target market and for those people it worked well. I almost jumped ship when it became not much more than a Chromium wrapper, but stuck with it to see where it would go. Things looked good for quite some time, but it never really regained that power user feel that it had in the Presto days. Features being added now seem to be going for more mass market appeal. I'm not sure what the roadmap is, but it's no longer a branch with a strong niche appeal and seems to be slowly joining the highway that the big name browsers follow. If the aim is to gain more market share good luck to them, but I think this is going to be a more difficult path.

    So, Vivaldi! I've never given it a second look before but have spent the last day poking around in it. I like what I see, it's packed with power user features, and I can't see any loss of functionality from Opera that I'd miss greatly. Maybe that will change but for the moment Opera have lost me too, to a browser that looks to be successfully wrapping Chromium in the manner that Opera should have.

    Thank you to whomever it was who first mentioned Vivaldi in this thread.

  • @jogress You are absolutely right. I don't why, but people always roll back to the same argument - "no one complained so it can't possibly be bad". People, for the most part, are passive and wont take the time to register here, find the appropriate thread and comment and express their support for a feature that is no longer there. There's even a lower chance of them "making the first move" and start a forum thread themselves.

  • On a general note, if Opera really cared, and I mean really cared, they would take hints from this forum and make a survey every so often, and a very specific one, with a direct question whether or not the user likes a given feature. Obviously people might opt out, but I feel many would go to the trouble of making one mouse click and choose an option.

    Nothing of this sort happens. To those that say this never happens - it does. Many software providers make a habit of asking users after a while after a significant change and make the question as simple as possible. Just like a lot of software, especially on mobile or the web asks one to rate it. Same pop-up could be used.

  • Return it. Please...
    Or let me choose (like it was: opera://flags/#search-in-open-tabs)

  • @saya812 said in Where is the "Recently closed tabs/Tab menu" button on the top right?:

    Return it. Please...
    Or let me choose (like it was: opera://flags/#search-in-open-tabs)

    Excellent solution that should keep everyone happy.

  • This thread is in constant use, has 349 posts and 1.8k views and yet it isn't at the top of the first page of results. I wonder why?

  • @lynnpin Results of what?

  • Opera for computers > Opera for Windows

  • @lynnpin It's not in Opera for Windows, so it can't appear there. In Opera for Computers, it is the first topic after the pinned ones.

  • Opera got a update today, which make opera://flags/#search-in-open-tabs disappear, and replaced with search-in-closed-tabs, and this flags wont bring my favorite recent close back......
    Any way to enable recent closed tabs?

  • @wjk199511140034 only revert to 69...

  • @leocg I registered here specifically to ask to return the recent-closed-tabs feature. I use it everyday. It is much more convenient to press one button and have a drop down menu with at least 10 tabs than it is to either see only 3 or have to click two times to go to the menu-history.
    As a moderator, please, consider reporting users' concerns to whoever is responsible for deleting this feature.
    Thank you.