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Opera Not responding - Solved FYI

  • This post is "for your Information", rather than seeking help;

    For the third time now I've experienced, out of the blue, "Opera not responding" a couple of seconds after opening.
    Checking resources via Task Manager, shows High CPU & Memory usage and Very High Power.

    This last time, I downloaded the latest version and upgraded, to no effect.

    Correlation with my vague memories of the past, I think in each case, the cause has been the same.
    Win10 64 bit has updated in the background, silently and without my knowledge, and has been sitting awaiting a re-start.
    Even at this point, before the restart, Opera freezes, just giving the options to wait or close, (if indeed this popup appears at all; sometimes I need to use Task Manager to End Task). After the re-start, there is no improvement; and changing various Opera, or Windows, settings makes no difference.

    I've now found that just allowing Opera to Wait, it eventually kicks back into life. The PC can be used with a different browser whilst you're waiting, and functions normally with other programs; albeit a little slower.

    N.B. don't be impatient, I've had to leave the PC turned on, with Opera consuming lots of resources, for upwards of 3 hours, and once overnight. It does however eventually sort itself out.


  • @peak4 This is crazy, Windows 10 and my computer has 12GB RAM and I am told to let the computer run for hours so Opera can begin to run properly???

  • @dougmail
    I'm not telling you to do anything.

    Mine's 16GB I7 @ 3.6GHz
    For someone having the problem of Opera freezing during and after a W10 upgrade, it provides a solution, albeit a slow one.
    Have you any better ideas for next time I have the problem??

  • Hi, this is my other account for Opera (I'm dougmail above) ... Good news after Microsoft helped me reload Opera, it began to work properly within about 20 minutes. My lesson from this is it worked but I had to have a bit of patience. Thanks for all the suggestions & assistance!

  • Works for macOS as well. My Opera installation fixed itself after about three hours. Note that I didn't actually open any window. Even closed the application. Just let Opera do its thing in the background.