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Bookmarks Side Panel broken on Opera 67.0.3575.31

  • Hello,

    The bookmarks Side panel does not show all the bookmarks after update to the latest Opera.

    Another issue is the browser is now more sluggish, less responsive and slow. Even after clearing all history, etc. After less than one hour of use the browser becomes sluggish.

    Edit : Reverted back to Opera Version 66 -- Too afraid to go into "About" section because it starts to automatically download update.

    Is there any way to Stop updates?

  • Hi @operalinknx1, run the Opera with the switch as follows: "\path\to\launcher.exe" --disable-update , go to about:opera > Paths > Install, make a not of the path (or copy it), and close the Opera. Run the file explorer, navigate to the path, and rename "opera_autoupdate.exe" to e.g. "opera_autoupdate.ex".

    You can also set the environment variable "OPERA_AUTOUPDATE_DISABLED".

  • @l33t4opera said in Bookmarks Side Panel broken on Opera 67.0.3575.31:


    Hi @l33t4opera Thank you so much. So I did these 2 steps so far :

    1. I added --disable-update for the Shortcut that opens Opera (for the launcher)

    2. I renamed opera_autoupdate.exe to opera_autoupdate.exe.bak

    I noticed that with just #2 -- Opera still annoys saying in Top left menu drop down to Restart it to update. But I ignored this and after a while this notification went away.

    The problem is, Updates randomly break things, but what if they fix the problem? I will have to update eventually at some point.

    Really getting tired of dealing with Instability issues, seems every few months they release without testing and something breaks. A browser is like the main reliable thing for people to use, its just so frustrating.

    Thank you for your help, and will look forward to if they fix this and also the newest issue where everything just freezes every 5 minutes. No idea what that's about.

    Edit: Success! Here is the result after applying your Advice
    The Environment Variable option you mentioned was unnecessary for this procedure.

    Update checker is disabled

  • @operalinknx1 If you reinstall a previous version over the current newer one, and have opened the newer version (with the --disable-update) BEFORE you update and close it...THEN update, the update to the older version does not include the file "opera_autoupdate.exe" - and you don't have to rename anything. Same result::

    Your version is 66.0.3515.115
    Update checker is disabled

  • @bbildman I did it the easier way. I just deleted the entire 67.xx folder, as it keeps the older version as a backup, and inside the 66 folder, I renamed opera_autoupdate.exe to opera_autoupdate.exe.bak just to be safe, with the launch options "\path\to\launcher.exe" --disable-update
    for both the task bar pinned shortcut and the regular shortcut in Start menu

    Personal opinion :
    Frankly I am tired of broken updates, its too much too often. I'm not sure they are testing these updates before releasing them. Having to turn to help from fellow users every couple of months, if it wasn't for your quick reply and help, I would have been lost a bit longer. I've stopped using Opera as my default browser now.

  • @operalinknx1 I think they are simply doing the updates too quickly before really testing it, I assume the reason for that is they are using US as beta testers.

  • @operalinknx1 You're welcome ;-)
    Regarding updating, when the issue is fixed: you simply rename back the file to "opera_autoudate.exe", remove the switch from the shortcut, run the Opera, and trigger the update by opening opera:about, or clicking on "Check for update" under opera:update. If this doesn't work for some reasons, you can always download the latest offline installer, and perform the update manually.

  • @l33t4opera Hi and thank you again for your quick and helpful responses. Yes that is the plan whenever they decide to fix these issues. I can no longer think Opera as a main reliable browser that it used to be a long time ago. Now you watch it update everytime and you are wondering if you will lose everything or something will break. Very frustrating. What exactly are they trying to do? Can't help but wonder what level of controlling interest is the Chinese owners of this browser. Scary thoughts...

  • @operalinknx1 As for me the issue with not displaying all bookmarks is supposed to be fixed quickly, as it occurs for two main features: the Bookmarks displayed from the menu, and in the Bookmarks bar.
    Regarding the other issues you mentioned in the first post: this is the first release of new version 67, so it's expected there will be such issues, like a bit lower performance, responsiveness and so on, that may be improved in upcoming updates.
    Also, there's a problem with freezing the browser, which is most probably caused by some bug in synchronization, and that may be what you called it "sluggish", which needs to be fixed as well.

    As for the rest of your thoughts: I don't think that's is the cause of removing of some features, or releasing new version with some bugs.
    There are rather two factors for that: the Chromium (on which Opera is based on) is releasing new versions quite frequently, and Opera has to be in line with that. There are also some decisions taken in the Opera on that, which features are considered to be more popular (more frequently used) by majority of the users. and therefore which are worth to be further developer, and maintained.

  • Thank you for your response. I will keep an eye on updates and blog posts to see if and when these issues are resolved, only then I will upgrade.

    For Opera to mark these updates as "Stable" is far from accurate to put it mildly, as you can see in one of the changelogs of that being mentioned. Its very hard to trust given the experience concering stability.

    I am not sure how they are able to release and mark them stable if they are not noticing these problems themselves while a lot of us are noticing problems and have to scurry to downgrade. Very inconvenient regardless of latest Chromium update. Stability and performance should always be number 1 priority because for a majority of users, the web browser is the most important application on the PC after the OS itself.

  • It seems that latest 68 beta works fine with enabled synchronisation.