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[Request]Add support for Teamspeak 5

  • TeamSpeak 5 is in beta right now , What I like to see is an extension or build in support for at least TeamSpeak 5 friends online list. Same for discord by the way. But discord is useable in a browser. TeamSpeak is not.

    So if GX is for Gamers Opera should show hwo is speaking right now wehn you are in a TeamSpeak Channal and the server channel list as well, as long Teamspeak client is opened. or may be Opera could be a client for teamspeak 5 as well by using the side bar.

    By adding Support for discord and teamspeak to Opera GX Oper GX would be truely for geamers.

    Opera GX corner is just an atvertisement platform roght now for Gameinig publishers. That's great when it comes to making money and develop better browsers. So thats great for Opera. But an advertisment feature hided between news and release trailers is still an advertisment feature even if it looks realy cool.

  • @horvan I was thinking the same thing about discord. It should be added

  • @mfelton178 You could have shown your support in one of the topics asking for support for Discord instead of hijacking this one.

  • @leocg So saying it is a good idea and saying I had the same idea is hijacking? Alright

  • @mfelton178 It depends. If you were saying that you support the inclusion of Teamspeak, then it couldn't be considered a hijack.
    Now, if were saying that you want that Discord be added, the it could be considered a hijack.

  • @leocg I don't use teamspeak a lot but I like the idea of adding teamdspeak and discord.