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  • I need to have VPN for unlocking geoblocked sites. Living in Costa Rica, using an american laptop and watching german TV. as I learned have to set vpn for europe to get other (hopefullly german) IP but uo to now doesnt work. somebody here to help??? Thanks

  • @poolworld Maybe you are not getting an IP from Germany?

  • @leocg @poolworld I opened a bug report because of a similar problem. Some US websites can detect my physical location in Europe, even when I have VPN active and set to Americas (with or without private browsing).
    Here is a relevant screenshot:
    Here is the bug report:
    If these websites can detect the physical location, presumably so can many others. This might be a serious (perhaps life-threatening) problem for certain people, such as those living under oppressive regimes.


  • @virgrod ya gunna have same results @ that webpage no matter which Vpn ya use.. and even if ya turn off JavasSript..

    try different vpns yourself and ya will see.. esp if they are - (Vpn browser extensions)

    have not tried proxies yet.. lol

    i doubt opera can do n e thing to fix this w/o other vpns and other OS jump 'n in do do sumthing to fix

    but ya never know Opera Team is really Good !.. *Go Opera Team..

    lf n e one knows a vpn paid or free that can bypass like they all should.. lemme know. *Thankyou in advance..

  • @virgrod It's not a bug, but just the website wrongly guessing your location. Or, better saying, wrongly guessing the location of the VPN's IP address.

    Other possibility is that the site is using a non-http connection to detect your real IP address and, based on it, your location.

  • @virgrod said in VPN / geoblocking:

    ... Some US websites can detect my physical location in Europe, even when I have VPN active and set to Americas (with or without private browsing). ... If these websites can detect the physical location, presumably so can many others. This might be a serious (perhaps life-threatening) problem for certain people, such as those living under oppressive regimes. ...

    One of the key sources of location leakage (even when using a VPN) is WebRTC functionality within a browser, and which is now being exploited by many websites who choose to geo-limit their media. If location leakage matters to you, go into Opera's Settings > Advanced > Privacy & Security > scroll down to WebRTC > and make sure "Disable non-proxied UPD" is selected. Note: while this setting will disable the WebRTC avenue of location leakage, it can cause problems to some sites which use various elements of WebRTC for their site performance.

  • @blackbird71 I followed you suggestion. Apparently the setting was already in the state that you suggest. I double-checked and tried the website again (from a new private window) with the same results. Whichever method they are using to determine my physical location (or true IP) seems unrelated to the WebRTC setting. Thanks anyhow.

  • @virgrod Imagining that you are not allowing those sites to use geolocation, the only other way would be by guessing the location based on the IP address.
    The problem is that some times the guessing may be wrong like I said before.

  • @leocg Sorry but I do not follow you at all. I don't know which guesses you are referring to. If the VPN service works as advertised the website can only "see" the IP provided by the Opera VPN and Nothing Else. All interaction between my computer and that website should be through the VPN server. They are not supposed to know that the VPN server is further relaying the traffic to me.
    I do Not believe for one minute that the website is just looking at the IP provided by the Opera VPN and making a wild guess that they are forwarding the traffic to a true user who is based in the EU (which is correct in my case). They must be using some technical means to extract my true IP somehow.
    Something isn't working. O/W, what on earth is the purpose of VPN? If these websites can do it, so can all others, which would render the VPN service pointless.

  • @virgrod The only ways for a website to know from where someone is connecting from is by using geolocation, that the user should enable and allow to get geolocation info, or by getting the user IP address, being it the real one or provided by a proxy/VPN, and asking to a third party service where that IP addess is located in.

    Sometimes those third party services may give the websites consulting them the wrong information about the (geo)location of an IP address, so those sites think that you are connecting from one place when you aren't.

    So, basically, the fact that that websites is saying that you are in Europe is nothing more than a coincidence, because it thinks that the IP address of the VPN is located in Europe.
    If you were in the US, that website most probably would think that you were in Europe the same way.

  • @virgrod Forget my above post.. because the vpn browser extenions were not work 'n right..

    loaded up a ram drive - installed newest opera stable

    and added 2 free vpn browser extenions..

    pic of opera - vpn set on Americas

    ok - this pic with opera vpn off and nothin changed in browser settings..
    but as ya can see went right to the news..

    all am say 'n is both free vpn went in

    and opera 's vpn did not.. lol

    Case Closed or Debate ! ?..

  • @nvmjustagirl This problem continues exactly as reported weeks ago. The Opera VPN is not working, while other free services do.

    Please, try it yourself, if you think that this problem is caused by the user, somehow.

    Could a member of the opera development team please answer this? I know that a moderator has given an answer, but it is unclear whether that is the official position of Opera, or just his personal position. And it does not make the problem go away, anyhow. Please, see below.

    We can visit the mentioned sites from other free proxy sites without issues.

    Here is proof:
    alt text

    Here is more proof:
    alt text

    Yet, if one tries from within Opera, with VPN set to Americas, the site infers the user's true location and refuses to show the geo-restricted content:
    alt text

    Again, if you think this problem is caused by the user, please, try it your self and let us see your results. Thanks in advance.

  • @virgrod Have you tried a VPN leak-test website (eg: , etc) via Opera's VPN?

  • @virgrod As you should already know, moderators don't work for Opera, so they can't give any offcial response in behalf of the company.

  • @blackbird71 I just did... It seems that the test did not reveal anything illuminating... se below... remember also that other free web proxies seems to be working as expected, from the same system

    alt text

  • @virgrod The problem is not caused by the user but, as I said, by the site or by the third party service they use to guess the user location.

    The site, for example, will show that the same IP address is said to be in the US by one service and in Sweden by another.

    Now, says that it is in Switzerland, while shows it being in Macedonia.

  • @leocg We are using the IP address assigned to us by Opera. In fact we cannot change it (we can only specify the region). If those IP location services for whatever reasons "think" that the Americas IP addresses provided by Opera are located somewhere in Europe something is definitely wrong. The party that can and should address this is Opera. We as users can do nothing whatsoever about it. And this renders ineffective Opera VPN service for the purpose of geolocation.

    If Opera is sure that the geolocation services are reporting wrong location for Opera's Americas IP's there should be actions that Opera can take, in order to correct this situation. If all else fails, perhaps Opera may need to use different Americas IP addresses.

    For whatever reasons, other Proxy services do not seem to have the problem in question.

  • @virgrod as i said earler.. opera 's Vpn does not Bypass that webpage geo-restriction..

    even if ya pick americas on Opera 's VPN and do a a IP look up that says you're in the USA in the State of Oaklahoma and while use 'n a USA DNS..

    The website Will Block Opera 's VPN.. Period !

    and as said Earlier when i turn off operas' vpn and Enable a free vpn (with no other Browser changes in settings, ect) i can then Enter that same website without issues too.. *the same results as you..

    so to me Opera by-pass 'n geo-restrictions are not as good as other vpns'.. lol

    @blackbird71 said in VPN / geoblocking:

    @virgrod Have you tried a VPN leak-test website (eg: , etc) via Opera's VPN?

    what do leaks Theory got to do with this Fact -

    when opera vpn does not enter that website..

    but free vpns will enter and alsu (w\o make 'n or change) any of opera browser settings..

    no changes before or after the use of the vpns

    That alone Kills Leak Theory..

  • @leocg leo you are right in way but here is the Truth ask upera team..

    the fact is -

    all of opera 's Vpn Ip ranges are in Sweden..

    Asia - -

    Americas - -

    Europe - -

    the ip look-up of this Opera single ip

    Shows this -
    Country: United States
    State/Region: Oregon

    even tho
    the Ip Range - Americas - - is Misleading...

    Why misleading - because ip Range is really Sweden..

  • @nvmjustagirl Because it's (probably) a virtual IP Address.