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Opera DMG installation media corrupt

  • When I download Opera for Mac, the DMG fails to open, with Reason: Not recognized. I tried redownloading the DMG, but I still get the same error. Anyone else experience this?

  • Update: Today, the Mac DMG download is no longer corrupt, yay.

  • The few times this happens, it is usually a problem with a interrupted download (quitting before download finishes or router dropping packages). I’m glad you were able to resolve it.

  • I'm having the same problem on a MacBook Air, 3 days in a row I have retried the download but always get the same message. How can you provide corrupt downloads???

  • They are not corrupt. If the problem really persists, you may be loosing packets due to faulty network equipement.

  • I'm seeing this issue as well. Tried numerous times, tried numerous builds. I'm having a problem believing it's downloaded data corruption for each and every one of those download attempts and only for this particular website.

  • Sorry aeyoun but this doesn't wash. I do not have this problem with other downloads - and just to make sure, I even tried several at the same time and Opera is the only one which has this error. So if I'm loosing packets, it's down to something you're doing, not me because if my network equipment IS faulty, then it should be faulty in all cases. Not just the Opera download.

  • Originally posted by aeyoun:

    They are not corrupt. If the problem really persists, you may be loosing packets due to faulty network equipement.

    Dropped packets are normal, an excessive amount is a different story. Since packets are expected to be dropped and TCP will try to use as much bandwidth as possible (up until the window size) it uses a drop as a way to see if there is congestion. TCP does not know the transfer rate allowed, so it will just send more and more data until a drop is observed and thus will back off. It will try to go higher again though and when a drop is observed, back off again. This is standard TCP behavior and also why it is considered reliable is that any dropped packets can be resent. Why do you think TCP has ack's and sequence numbers whereas UDP does not? TCP is fully capable of recovering from dropped packets.

    Some reading for you:
    RFC 675
    RFC 793
    RFC 1122
    RFC 2581
    RFC 5681

    So you better check your network as you will have drops as well.

  • Please always tell us about used version of Opera and OS. Also report if PowerPC (PPC) processor is used! THX