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My windows 10 hard drive crashed.

  • @dianet


    Did You used Sync?
    Login to and check what is there.

    Is a Laptop or Desktop?
    Do you have someone that would help you?

    Do you have access to another computer and PenDrive?

    Windows 7 (x64)
    Opera Test profile | Back up | Reset

  • zalex,

    1. what is sync? I guess i do not use.
    2. HP laptop
    3. No
    4. No
  • @zalex108
    someone told me to see if I can re-install my old Opera. Can I

  • @dianet said in My windows 10 hard drive crashed.:


    1. what is sync? I guess i do not use.
    With it, would be easy, but maybe not enough.

    1. HP laptop

    Some Laptop disks are easy to extract and connect to an external case.

    1. No


    1. No


    Linux live on a USB is the best option to copy the whole Profile data and even other Personal and System data.

    Any neighborhood place where find some help?

  • A CD would be used also instead of a USB stick.

    If you find a way, download Linux Mint or another preferred and burn it or use Yumi for the USB.

  • What happened on the disk?
    Any diagnostic?

    Start up recovery would be enough?

  • @dianet said in My windows 10 hard drive crashed.:

    I am 68 years old and not computer savy. My wibdows 10 hard drive crashed. How can I get my settings and bookmarls back?

    When a drive "crashes", there are several kinds of things that can go wrong: mechanical failure of the drive motor, damage to the drive's internal disk surfaces (which is where data is stored), and "hiccups" that render non-retrievable some of the data stored on the drive. Paths to recover the data (and their likely success, if any) depend on the nature of the failure. When you state that your "hard drive crashed", what information leads you to conclude that?

    If a drive motor fails, there is no simple or inexpensive method of retrieving the data (though there are laboratories that can do it, for pay). If there is damage to the the drive's internal disk surfaces, data can sometimes still be recovered if the drive still spins. If there has been some kind of 'hiccup' that corrupted certain files stored on the disk, the other files can often be recovered. Depending on the source of the original "crash" error message, the symptoms occurring during the failure, and the symptoms presenting now after the failure, the actual failure nature can usually be determined and the best recovery path (if any) determined.

  • @blackbird71
    The HP tech said my hard drive crashed. It crashed after the latest windows 10 update was installed.

  • Did they suggested a reinstallation / recovery only or a replacement?

  • @dianet said in My windows 10 hard drive crashed.:

    The HP tech said my hard drive crashed. It crashed after the latest windows 10 update was installed.

    Usually, a malfunctioning Windows update doesn't actually damage the physical drive itself, but it can cause various files to be lost or corrupted (including certain key index or boot files needed to access the drive itself). Depending on what files were damaged, recovery of the data files from the drive may or may not be possible. Many techs will say a hard drive "crashed" when, in actuality, only a portion of the drive's critical files needed to read or write to the drive or to access the Windows operating system were corrupted. In many of those cases, one can use a special USB stick or DVD disk to access the hard drive independently of the Windows operating system and copy off critical data files (such as Opera's settings or bookmarks). This is one of the things @Zalex108 was suggesting above. Much of the possible retrieval success and best choice of methods depends on the nature and extent of the corruption damage to the hard drive's files - so a correct problem analysis is important. Moreover, if you intend to retrieve data off the disk, it is important not to format the disk or write to it (such as fully reinstalling Windows) prior to the retrieval operation, so as not to overwrite or erase any data files already on it.

    If one is not at least mildly proficient with computers and related technology/terminology, the analysis of the drive file damage and the proper retrieval of the desired data will require a modicum of familiarization with a number of technical elements - ie, it will involve something of a learning process. My honest opinion is that you would be better served by finding someone near you with the necessary proficiency to help walk you through the analysis and restoration process "in person". A question you have to answer for yourself is whether recovering the lost data on your own is worth the learning effort that will be involved (particularly if only some Opera settings and bookmarks are sought). Also, as @Zalex asked, did the HP tech suggest a path forward?

    There are helpers here who can probably walk you through the necessary steps for recovering the data (if recovery is possible), but it's a process fraught with terminology and concepts with which you may not be familiar. Hence, there may be a number of false steps and frustrations for you along the way, and the data may not necessarily be recoverable in the end...

  • @dianet This is what needs to be known in order for people to help..

    to be clear -

    your post said : It crashed after the latest windows 10 update was installed.)

    1 - ok - So to us it completed that update
    and booted all the back up into windows.. did crash happen a little later while in the updated windows ?.. or later on after a cold boot-up start..

    when ya get sum time could ya answer a few basic questions.. *thankyou..

    2 - do ya make restore points from timt to time ?.. (like before doing an update, drivers, ect)

    3 - Do ya have a laptop or Desktop ?..

    4 - Is Laptop/Desktop able to boot up into windows now ?.. and ya just lost opera.. if so do not worry about the other questions..

    5 - if not.. do ya see the Hp logo when ya first boot up ?.. if ya do see The Hp logo..

    6 - does it try to makes it to the login screen.. but does not make it all the way ?..

    7 - Does the hard drive not boot At All ?..

    8 - if so - then maybe ya can still recover data.. on that drive !..

    9 - do not try to install n e thing - just yet !..

    These question will give a better understanding as to the people that can help..

    and to better understand the (aka - Crash) you had..

  • I had to have a brand new hard dive installed 3 days after the last windows 10 auto update on my HP Envy Laptop. EVERYTHING WAS LOST. It's like I have a NEW laptop.
    Let's back up a little my question was this, Can I re install Opera and get my old info like bookmarks, settings, etc?
    When I downloaded FIREFOX again and signed in, ALL my info was there.

    So gang, it's a simple Yes or No question.
    nvmjustagirl, you have made this into something complicated.
    Sorry, but I'm to damn old to deal with this.
    Thanks, everyone for your responses.

  • @dianet It depends on if the data is still available. You can try to see what happens.

  • @leocg
    the HP tech said my old hard drive is dead. I had to pay 2,400 baht to have a brand NEW hard drive installed. So, it's like I have a brand new HP laptop. Everything on Opera is gone.
    So, can I reinstall Opera on my laptop, sign in and all my boolmarks, settings, etc. will be there.
    I reinstalled Firefox, signed in and I got a Welcome Back message and everything was there. Like it was before my hard drive crashed.

  • its ok am sorry tho.. but finally we got some new info from you that should've been posted to start with..

    @dianet said in My windows 10 hard drive crashed.:

    I had to have a brand new hard dive installed 3 days after the last windows 10 auto update on my HP Envy Laptop.

    then nobody would have asked quetstion like this - zalex108 a day ago
    Did they suggested a reinstallation / recovery only or a replacement?

    so now everything is ok and am truely sowwies.. *hopefully you will forgive me sir..

    n e ways i'm out.. hopeful that you get problem solved soon.

  • @dianet If you were using Sync before, then probably yes. You can go to and check if your data is still in sync servers.

  • Well,

    As said

    If you used Sync before, then something would be recovered as Firefox did.

    On the other side,
    If you still have the HDD, then I would say you to keep it.

    If there are no noises and you can have an external case at some point you could check if is unrecoverable or not.

    The data maybe unneeded because old, but the drive could still be used for some time.

  • @zalex108 said in My windows 10 hard drive crashed.:

    As said

    What site would be that one?

  • @leocg said in My windows 10 hard drive crashed.:

    @zalex108 said in My windows 10 hard drive crashed.:

    As said

    What site would be that one?




    Can't fixed.

  • @dianet The only way for personal data and settings to be recovered and restored after a new hard drive was installed is for that data to be copied in from somewhere that it had been previously stored. That could include either from another drive (either a backup drive/flash-stick or recovered from a damaged drive) or from a data copy stored on the Internet server of a service provider (typically called the "synchronization" function included in many browsers whereupon a browser's personal data and settings files are copied up to the browser maker's server). If a "sync" feature was never enabled in the browser, the data and setting would never have been uploaded to the browser maker's sync server for later retrieval.