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[BUG] Opera won't check for updates - invalid params and unable to prepare update checker runtime

  • @leocg No, I was just commenting that the following lines in the opera_autoupdate.log go away after changing the language:

    [21836:25364:0124/] Language not in the available languages list: en-US
    [21836:25364:0124/] Trying language from system preferred list: en-US
    [21836:25364:0124/] Retrying after adjustments: en-US
    [21836:25364:0124/] Trying language from system preferred list: en

    And please remember these lines come from a just downloaded portable version. So I'm thinking there's at least something wrong there.

    However, changing the language does not fix the "COM init failed" or "Unable to acquire locks!" problems. If I only knew what COM init failed meant, it would better help me discover the problem.

  • @no-name-opera The log file is created empty here.

    Any difference if you turn off the VPN? Or if you choose another location?

    What about emprtying the temp folder?

  • @leocg Assuming you're also using Windows 10 and it's current on all it's updates, then I'm completely at a loss where to go from here. No, no difference having a VPN on or off, nor running in a different location. The temp folder is cleared after every reboot so that's not it either. (sigh)

    So the Opera devs never come around the forums for a bit of troubleshooting, eh?

  • Not sure if on the Local VPN the HOSTS file is involved, but try a FlushDNS.

    IpConfig /FlushDNS - If I recall - on Elevated CMD.

  • @zalex108 Yup, already had tried it. No change.

  • @no-name-opera

    And about other ISP or Mobile Data?

  • @zalex108 Just tried another ISP - same problem.

  • @no-name-opera Are you using WiFi? Or is your computer connected directly to the router/modem?

  • @leocg WiFi. But I just bypassed the router to another ISP. It didn't make a difference. I really need to understand what the errors "COM init failed" and "Unable to acquire locks!" (and, perhaps, "Unable to prepare update checker runtime") mean to troubleshoot as I'm feeling like I'm grasping at straws.

  • @no-name-opera Only the router? Or the WiFi too?
    Other programs in your computer auto-update normally?

  • @nvmjustagirl said in [BUG] Opera won't check for updates - invalid params and unable to prepare update checker runtime:

    maybe @burnout426 will see this a lil later.. he knows some of the registry data that can be cleaned up is an example. One can skip the the backing up of bookmarks, open tabs and passwords if not needed.

    For testing with standalone installations, I'd install to an "Opera Test" folder on your desktop (or other folder inside "C:\Users\yourusername") and not somewhere outside of "C:\Users\yourusername")

    I might create another user account on Windows and see how things work in Opera there (with a standalone installation on its desktop too).

    I'd test with another computer on your network if possible to see if it behaves the same or not. I'd test your computer at someone else's house if possible. Sounds like the latter was done in some form.

    Don't know about the errors in the log. Don't have access to the autoupdater source to see what the code does.

  • @burnout426 glad ya could joins us.. *thanksyou.. i wanna point out sumthing i asked him did he have n e of these files.. -

    the .lock - on the end of the file

    And @ bout that time i had to leave.. lol

    n e ways

    he replied yes and then deleted them (which doesn't hurt @ this point)..

    ok the reason for those kinna files are - and this goes back to this post i asked him earlier..

    his only reply was - (no-name-opera about 15 hours ago

    @nvmjustagirl No. In fact, from the command line, I ran:

    C:\Temp\opera\portable\launcher.exe --scheduledautoupdate $(Arg0) see if it came back with any errors. It didn't.)

    which that will show in Actions tab (--scheduledautoupdate $(Arg0) in Opera tasks in Task Scheduler

    i think he may have multi instances of Opera scheduled task.. but don't think hes
    had a chance to check and see yet..

    ok so if ya look @ sum logs he posted

    you will see this a lot..

    Key Word - (Unable to acquire locks!)

    This is what i wanna point out..

    Is - there is probally multiple entries of scheduled tasks in Task Scheduler

    In regular situation there shouldn't be multiple entries of scheduled tasks.

    Each installer should keep it clean and have only one task created.. (Unless hes got Beta and Dev installed too)

    ok so when multiple scheduled tasks are present situation can occur..

    Each tasks first attempts to (Here that key word) - lock temp folder for it's process..

    If it is not possible it will try to lock othere folder with (launcher.exe) where it will store temporary autoupdate files..

    what am try 'n to say is to look @ the properties of those tasks..

    Perhaps they're start 'n the auto updater in the wrong working directory/folders.. Or

    they're start 'n with a system/admin user and the environment they're started in has a incorrect temp directory or sumthin..

    Note - to cut short i would delete user temp folder, windows temp

    all of the opera 's dir/folders/files and delete the ones in registry.. Where his widows un - installer left off..

    Reboot - start new..

    n e ways thats all i wanna say.. burnout

    Hope you can help on this (along with others)..

    Now get to work on this challenge !.. *thankyou..

  • i left this out of the (note) part Note - to cut short i would delete user temp folder, windows temp

    all of the opera 's dir/folders/files and delete the ones in registry.. Where his widows un - installer left off..

    Reboot - start new..

    (also delete all multi instances of Opera scheduled task)..

  • @leocg Both, and yes all other programs update normally.

  • Try on a New Windows User, I think it's the only option left.

  • As an update to this thread, I recently downloaded Opera_57.0.3098.110_Setup_x64.exe just to see if the update function worked properly on an earlier version. It did.

    I don't know which version hosed the update functionality but there is something different since at least Opera 57 because Opera 57 automatically updated me to the latest version...

    And, of course, the latest version no longer does automatic updates and shows the greyed-out "Check for update" button.