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More default search engines/Custom default search engines and fallback search engines

  • Hello, it annoys me that only a few default search engines exist and i would really appreciate it if the Opera team adds more search engines or adds support for custom search engines.


    • Default search engines
      Ecosia, Qwant

    • Fallback search engines
      If Ecosia gives back a message with 5 starting, like 504 then Opera should automatically use another search engine like Qwant.

  • @ever1337 Users have been asking Opera this for many years actually since the Windows 7 days. Opera has yet to lift a finger or reply to this suggestion.

  • Since the company's choosen defaults are giving them some kind of revenue, I don't think they will allow to select your own.

    Despite others do.

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  • I'd just like to add my support to ever1337's feature request - specifically custom search engines (I'm going for Ecosia but all should be allowed).

    Maybe if enough users voice their support this feature will be added.

  • I rly like this Browser, but with no Support for custom search engines i de-install it.

  • probably wouldn't use it my self but i think for other users it should be a feature

  • let's assume you are geek and you have your own search engine (whoogle, searX) on premise, and you want to have the possibility of searching in internet freely (not relying in the poor results from Duck, YAnswers, bings & bongs, etc...) but configuring your own search engines, it should be allowed. If it's a matter of money, I do not think we are so many the ones that uses "personalised" search engines so.. why not making happy to the users which are really looking forward to use it.

    You can always add a new search engine and then start your search by adding the letter you used as keyword (me wh for whoogle or X for searX) but it's not done automatically by the app.

  • I am uninstalling opera GX for this very reason. Sucks, it's been a good browser otherwise.

  • I just hope that opera listens to this request and make it possible to change the default search engine to any custom search engine as the user wishes. such a basic thing yet its still missing