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  • For the time being I can only attach one bookmark per one folder that is not convenient, because that certain bookmark might cover several topics. In this case I must decide where to add the bookmark.

    Please, make it possible to add one bookmark to several folders.

  • @shackleton Can't you copy it and paste into the other folder?

  • @leocg omg, I can't believe it's doable, what an easter egg! Yes, I can, however this still doesn't solve the problem, because I'm still not able to add a certain page/bookmark to many folders straight from here

    The point of my request is to be able to add one bookmark to several folders from here

    Why is this feature so important?
    Imagine you have wide range of interests or you're a researcher and basically you catalogue things which you find and you need to do it in a certain way – i.e. history articles might cover many topics – WWII, land & naval battles and so on.
    With the current solution (when you're not able to add bookmarks directly from the overflow element I posted above and you're able to manage it in truly inconvenient way by copying and pasting them like you showed me) I'm doomed to torment 🙂
    Basically it'd be very convenient and probably might improve work of many people who've decided to use Opera.

  • @leocg also I just realised that when I copy a bookmark to other folder I won't see that bookmark here
    Basically it indicates that this certain page is attached only to ONE folder that is obviously not true.

    What I have to do is to remove the bookmark from the 1st folder and then I'll be able to remove that bookmark from the 2nd folder so that the bookmark won't no longer exist in my bookmarks.

    Fair enough, but what if I want to remove the bookmark only from the 2nd folder, or 3rd, 4th, 5th... 10th? 🙂

    I see here a big potential for improvements.

  • @leocg I did some research and I've been thinking that this feature could work like YouTube's mechanism of adding videos to playlists.