Opera not working, just loads a blank page

  • So I am still using Opera 12, because my installed new versions of opera just shows blank white page.
    I get Loading... words in tab but nothing ever load, nor I am able to set anything in options
    i always get only blank white page...loading...
    Please help if you had similar experience?

  • I have exactly the same problem. I have tried uninstalling and cleaning up every registry entry and every Opera releated file i can find and then reinstalling, but nothing works. It just sits there with every tab saying "Loading..".

    I can't access any settings since Opera uses tabs to open them, wich might be a fancy solution until you're stuck with a problem like this.

    It's not a firewall problem since nothing changes if i disable it.

  • The closest matches to your report are reports like this one, take a look:

  • Thank you. That actually led to the solution for my problem. It was Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit that kept the speed dial from loading. I disabled it's protection and now Opera loads just fine. I had forgotten about it running.

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