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Features that Opera GX should come with urgently.

  • Thanks for adding almost everything I wrote in my previous review. Now I'm going to talk about two problems I saw in opera gx. If you add them, I will be very pleased, I am sure that many people who use opera gx with me will be pleased.

    1- Translation problem. Although we do the translation with the help of the plugin, Google chrome does not work as well as the translation found by default. Either they can't turn the page or they break the page layout and make it unreadable. Would you add a translation module as good and quality as the translation in google chrome?

    2- Dark mode. Google chrome added an excellent dark mode in the last update. He added a near-perfect dark mode without disturbing the page layout, not using a simple method like negative mode. All the sites in a very beautiful way without breaking into dark mode. it would be perfect if Opera Gx is added.

    These are the shortcomings I see as urgent. Especially translation. I have seen that you have carefully reviewed and considered the feedback from us. I hope these features are added just like others (also thank you for bringing opera gx to mac osx. now my default browser is opera gx, by by safari :)).

  • @ArgaKhan It was a very difficult search to find a good translator for Opera Browsers. I am using a ported extension 'S3 Translator' from Chrome.
    The Opera team could port some translator to avoid extensions, it would be very interesting.

  • @notorionnur I agree. But I think they should add them directly to the browser, not as a extension. No extension can translate as well as the original chrome browser. Either it corrupts the page or chrome cannot translate web pages that the browser can translate, leaving them in their original language. I believe that Opera developers can add this feature.

  • Opera doesn't own a translation service, so to add a translation feature they would need to make a commercial agreement to one of those services first, to be able to offer such feature.

  • I get it, so they can't add google's service directly without a deal. What about dark mode? Can not be applied without breaking pages, making negative?

  • @ArgaKhan Opera's dark mode is nice in my opinion.

  • @leocg Are you sure you're dark mode in Opera Gx? pages do not turn dark mode if any.

  • @ArgaKhan Ah, web pages dark mode. I guess GX still didn't reach the Chromium version with the dark mode flag.

  • @leocg Oh, I wish he could. reading mode, dark mode and translation feature are the features that I want most. They look good on the GX. perfect web browser in my eyes.