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  • I checked the instructions, but it says to go to the main menu. So where is the main menu? My version doesn't look like the one in the picture, there is no panel on the left. How do I open that panel up? The only buttons I have are along the top - back, forward, reload, start page, "add to speed dial", "add to stash", that's it.


  • You mean (from the title of your thread), how do you make a bookmark (when you ask about storing a url)?

    You may be looking at a picture of Opera 12 (which has side-panels), but you downloaded the new Opera, Opera 22, I believe. It's the latest stable version of Opera and has the Speed Dial, Stash, and the Discover buttons atop the Speed Dial page.

    You asked about where the main menu was. Now the main menu is accessed by clicking on the icon of Opera (the red O) on the upper left. You can also open that menu by pressing: (1) the alt key, or (2) alt f (if for some reason the first shortcut didn't work). So it's simple to open the menu.

    There is no panel in the New Opera, but on saving a url, let's start with the bookmarks bar.
    You activate it by pressing Alt P (settings), and under User Interface, put a check in Show the Bookmarks Bar. (You can also get to Alt P by clicking on the Opera menu (that red O icon of Opera in the upper left of the browser), and click on Settings). Now once you have that bookmarks bar (that goes horizontally across the top of the browser), you can right click on an empty space at the end of it to create a bookmark folder, if you want one there. If you are on a web page, you can save it to the bookmarks bar (by dragging the icon of the web page (that's at the far left of the address bar) to the bookmarks bar. Or by dragging a Speed Dial url (represented by the thumbnail of a website) to the bookmarks bar.

    Notwithstanding the above, to make that bookmark on the bookmarks bar (that should now be showing up (since hopefully you activated it by following my instruction) across the top of the browser) far easier to handle, I'd strongly recommend that you click on this link,
    for the extension called "Add Bookmark" and then click on Add to Opera. After you do that, you should have a star in the address bar (right side). Anytime you are on a page where you want to make a bookmark, just click on the star and you can do it. (You can also, right click on an empty space on a webpage, and then click on the star there, to add the bookmark).

    In addition to the above, you can add any bookmark you want to the speed dial, by just clicking on the speed dial icon (left side of address bar, second from the end -- the eight squares), or add it to Stash (the heart symbol on the Address bar). But let's talk about the Speed Dial for a minute. You can puts items (make bookmarks) in the speed dial for easier access (than you would have in the Bookmarks bar). In fact if the items you put in the Speed Dial are in a related subject area, you can drag one of the bookmarks/thumbnails (of a website) on top of another one, and create a folder on the speed dial. You can keep doing that and have a lot of websites in the folder. You can then name the folder (by right clicking on the folder, and choosing "edit title." And keep doing the same for different positions in the Speed Dial. You can have either one bookmark for a position on the Speed Dial, or a folder of bookmarks. You can also right click on an empty space on the Speed Dial, and choose Change Theme. You can pick Opera Themes for the Speed Dial, link your own art on the computer to the Speed Dial, or if you're on a website, and like a photo/jpg, right click on it, and chose to make that photo a theme.

    As I already mentioned, you can drag individual bookmarks from the Speed Dial to your Personal Bookmarks Bar to create a bookmark there, but you can do it in the opposite way too -- you can drag a bookmark from the Personal Bookmarks Bar to the Speed Dial.

    Now you can save items to Stash (by clicking on the heart icon on the far right of the Address bar, or right clicking on an empty place on a web page, and choosing to save the item to Stash). Doing that is perfect for items that maybe you want to look at later, but aren't ready yet to make a bookmark of. You can save one item to Stash and the Speed Dial, even make a bookmark of it too.

    So there's tremendous power in what you can do with your Bookmarks Bar, the Speed Dial, and Stash. Experiment with it a little bit, and you will see what I mean.

    I thought I'd mention in passing that there's also the new Discover feature (button on the top, center of the Speed Dial page), which you can explore by clicking on it. With this feature you can get a large daily selection of current news articles in 14 subject areas (and from the perspective of multiple countries and languages -- click on the small cogwheel all the way to the right when you are in Discover mode, to change "country" or "language," which should make for interesting reading. The articles gives you a windows on what's happening currently from the perspective of the country you select, as well as in the language chosen.

    Hope that helps you a bit.

  • A correction:

    In addition to the above, you can add any bookmark you want to the speed dial, by just clicking on the speed dial icon (right side of address bar [not left], second from the end -- the eight squares), or add it to Stash (the heart symbol on the Address bar).

  • That really helps a lot, just what I needed!