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opera asks to make an exception in the firewall

  • @fai5

    Using W7 and 10, never happened.

    Did you made any recent System change?
    New Extensions?

    Clean Cache and Site Settings for AliExpress.


    If still happens:

    Run Create a Restore Point - Windows.
    Follow Tip's info and Backup your Profile folder.
    Uninstall Opera + Options > Remove custom Settings/Profile

    Clean Firewall entries related to Opera or Reset it to Default.

    Do you know cCleaner?
    Clean the Registry.

    Install Opera.
    Test it.

    Copy Backed up Profile to its Default location.

    "Off Topic Tip"
    Follow the Signature's Backup | Reset link.
    Take the opportunity to start a Backup plan and even create a Template Profile.

    SyncBack | Synkron helps.

    Windows 7 (x64)
    Opera Test profile | Opera Backup | Reset

  • @zalex108 thanks for your reply. It's starts since update to version 65. Firslty, afer update my lastpass extension disappear. On second PC with win7 and Opera this extension disappear too after update. I did not install any new extensions. I cleared cookies from aliaxpress. Problem exist. To be honest, I don't want to reset my browser settings, etc. Browser should work for me out of the box if not I will just change to vivaldi or brave. Thank you for trying help 🙂

  • Backing up should keep all your settings, but just now read that.

    You can try on another Profile or Standalone, but you will need to do something on your Profile.

    Use the Test Profile Link in the previous post for another Profile and check.

    Did you clean Cache and all Settings 🔒 for Ali?

    You can look at Local Storage and clean any Ali data.

  • @zalex108 said in opera asks to make an exception in the firewall:

    Did you clean Cache and all Settings for Ali?

    How can I do this? I just deleted cookies

  • @fai55

    Click on the 🔒, Site Settings.
    Ctrl+Shift+Del, uncheck unneeded.

  • @zalex108 said in opera asks to make an exception in the firewall:


    Click on the 🔒, Site Settings.
    Ctrl+Shift+Del, uncheck unneeded.

    It didn't help. I just have to not allow Opera to access to windows firewall once per update or maybe reinstall Opera should help or the best way will be switch to another browser similar to Opera like Brave or Vivaldi. Thank you for trying to help me man.

  • @fai55

    Export all your data on both cases to be imported easily.

  • I also have this issue with recent updates. When I browse some sites it ask for firewall exception for opera. I also had to re-install Last Pass extension with a recent update.

  • Hi,

    On my side, just noticed that Firewall notification on Portable Opera version updates located on non system partition.

    Portable versions on System partition don't asks.

  • Hi,

    I don't use portable version as my main browser in Opera and it installed on system partition. Also I always update my windows 10 version to latest one when updates available.I couldn't find a pattern for when this happen. to me it is few times happened. But i didn't get that notification repeatedly when visiting specific site. Notification ask for firewall exception for private and public network. when it appear i don't change my settings. Just apply with same it settings. Which is allow only for private networks.