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Opera Mini 8 for iOS: No Folder for a Bookmark

  • In Opera Mini 8 for iOS, if you go to a website, and want to make a bookmark, I can go to the Opera logo, and make the bookmark, and get the choice of putting it within certain existing folders, but cannot figure out how to create a new folder for that item. Is there a way to do that?

  • It should work by dragging and dropping one Speed Dial item over another, just like on desktop and Android...

  • Yes you can create a folder in the speed dial -- which is a terrific feature, though it's a separate thing.

    What I'm referring to is the bookmark folder that shows up in the speed dial (let's say, just for this discussion, position 3 on the speed dial) (aside: that bookmark folder of your old bookmarks could be anywhere on the Speed Dial, depending on where it is placed when you updated to the new Opera mini, or where you drag it after).

    So Opera mini picks up (for that bookmark folder) all of your old bookmarks, including your folders of bookmarks. If you click on position 3, you can open the bookmark folders that you had in the old Opera Mini. Also, you can make new bookmarks with this new Opera mini (by clicking on the Opera logo in the upper right of the browser, and selecting "bookmark," and they will show up with your other bookmark folders and bookmarks in that location (position 3 on the Speed Dial). You can add a new spot on the Speed dial for a new Speed Dial entry, only if you selected, "add to the Speeddial" when you clicked on the opera logo.

    In sum, if click on the Opera logo in Opera mini, you have a choice to add to the Speed Dial, but also, separately to add to your bookmarks. It is two separate things!

    And the problem is that if you want to make a bookmark of a particular website you are at, using Opera Mini (as opposed to "Add it to the Speed Dial," you get a choice to add it to one of your already existing bookmark folders. But it's strange -- you cannot seem to make a new folder for that bookmark, or, for that matter, to organize or rename any of the existing bookmarks folders.

  • I plead guilt on this thread, so if the thread is confusing, the moderator should feel free to delete it. I see how it's done now -- creating the new. bookmark folder.

    The way to create a new folder is to click on the the bookmarks folder in the Speed Dial, and then click on edit. You can add a new folder. Then you can make a bookmark, by -- when you are on a webpage you want to save as a bokmark -- clicking on the Opera logo to the upper right of the browser, and choose to make a bookmark. You will be able to put it in the new folder you created.

    You have the Speed Dial (with folders) AND you have the ability to bookmark in one position of the speed dial -- where your bookmarks are. This is really great!

  • It's ok. It'll be useful to other users looking for help.