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[Solved]Impossible to update Opera 64 on Ubuntu 18.04

  • I can't update Opera 64 (to Opera 65) on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. The system reports an error while Opera 64 claims to be up to date.

  • @ekoulemaneng Even running the installer?

  • Did you install if from the deb file or from the snap store?
    If you installed it from the deb file, post what does
    apt-cache policy opera-stable
    If you installed it from the snap store, make sure you have not set your connection as a metered one, because yjay is the only way that prevents snap apps from auto updating.

  • So Opera 65 is still not updated on the snap store? The latest stable version on snapstore shows 64 and 65 is shown on Edge channel.

    Any idea when Opera engineers will upload 65 version to snap?

  • OK. So Opera engineers are waiting on Snap folks/Ubuntu to fix issue on their end?

  • A week in to Opera 65 release and snap users are still left in the dust. I realize there may not be much support from Snap folks on resolving the issue mentioned in the above snapstore forum thread (still no replies as I type) but I hope Opera is taking other proactive steps rather than just wait for some one to reply in the forum thread.

    As an end user, this is quite frustrating...

  • Nice to know I'm not the only one effected by this. Hope it gets sorted soon

  • My last post on use in beating a dead horse over & over again.

    I wish Opera communicates to us snap users about status of version 65. An official statement at least on this forum or a blog post about advising snap users to swith to deb or wait for 66...just give us some direction on what to do! Or perhaps Opera expects the users to take the cue...

    And getting deb version of Opera 65 working on Ubuntu 19.10 version ain't that easy. Gotta install Chrome for it and plus do some mods and usual no communication from Opera on how to getting their browser working with the above OS version seemlessly.

    Kinda getting tired of the lack of communication from Opera. May be the linux user numbers are too small for Opera to care...

    I am very grateful for the free VPN service being provided by Opera and it is the only thing which is keeping me continuing to use Opera. But recent events have made me realize that I should be on the lookout for an alternate browser with VPN on Linux and move away from Opera as soon as possible.

  • @burner2000 give Vivaldi a good look

  • No VPN service on Vivaldi or any other browsers on Linux platform AFAIK. VPN is the only reason why I haven't removed Opera.

    Also, Vivaldi is not offering snap installs. I was an user of Vivaldi till my fresh install of Kubuntu 19.10. Soon after installation, I ran in to Vivaldi browser not being able to play H.264 videos (just like deb version of Opera). Opera snap resolved video playing issue...I guess I am stuck with Opera till something else with VPN service comes along.

  • Hotspot Shield | Ultrasurf VPN Extensions.

    Looked at Vivaldi's help page?
    There are some solutions for media problems.

    "Off topic Tip"
    Follow the Signature's BackUp | Reset link.
    Take the opportunity to start a Backup plan, even create a Template Profile.

    SyncBack | Synkron helps.

    Windows 7 (x64)
    Opera Test profile | Opera Back up | Reset

  • Hi @burner2000, you can try to follow the below steps:
    1. Remove the snap version of the Opera (without removing profile data), download and install the DEB version from ftp servers.
    2. Download one the chromium-codes-ffmpeg-extra pkgs, either 78.0.3904.108 or 78.0.3904.97 from here, add a new subfolder "lib_extra" in the Opera's installation root, and unpack "" file from the pkg to this folder.
    3. Move, or firstly copy (to make sure if all is working, after you first time launch the Opera, using this data) your profile's data from snap version (you can check the path to it in about:opera > Paths > Profile, before you remove the snap version) to /home/username/.config/opera.

    After that, you should have working Opera stable, with your current profile, and being able to replay the H.264 videos.

  • Thanks all for the replies.

    @zalex108 , thanks for pointing out free VPN extensions on Chrome Store. Never thought of it...I can in fact install the above on Chromium and have an alternative to Opera.

    @l33t4opera , those instructions look simple enough to execute. Might give it a try after the next stable Opera 65 update.

    Still pissed with the Opera team and want to walk away just to make a point...but I actually do like Opera browser.

    Again, it the users of this (& many freeware products) that make or break the experience with it...not the developers who are supposed to be giving the suggestions like the above.

    Again, thanks to ya'll for the replies.

  • I would just add that I've been playing H264 video and things like Spotify and Netflix with a Vivaldi Deb install on Ubuntu 18.04 straight out of the box no ticketing involved

  • @jimunderscorep

    apt-cache policy opera-stable

     Installé : 64.0.3417.83
     Candidat : 65.0.3467.48
    Table de version :
        65.0.3467.48 500
           500 stable/non-free amd64 Packages
    *** 64.0.3417.83 100
           100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
  • @ekoulemaneng
    In the end, I solved the problem by deleting the.dat files and then reinstalling Opera (without first deleting it). I used the command:

    sudo rm /var/cache/debconf/*.dat

    Thanks to all.