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Opera Mini 8.0.5 for iOS [update]

  • Hi Opera - good you are listening to input from the forum.
    On 27 June I wrote: "Besides the data compression feature of Opera Mini I really like the: "Single Column View" + "Text wrapping" + "Zoom" This really improves the reading of websites on small phone screens. All 3 features are missing in version 8.0 which is very surprising to me."
    So I understand Single Column View is now done ?
    What about the Zoom feature where a user can set a fixed zoom percentage 75% 100% 125% 150% 175% 200% - this was another unique Opera Mini feature that disappeared with version 8.
    When will you bring back ?

    It's there in version 8.0.2. Select "Opera Mini" for your Data Savings mode, open Advanced Settings and there you go 🙂

  • @smgentry, @skadholm, @norimolly3, text wrapping, single column view and text zoom are now included in 8.0.2 version. Please update and enjoy:)

  • Now using opera mini 8.0.3 for iOS as i've update it today... Work smooth now and waiting for that night mode feature to be included..!! ✌

  • Please add option to disable the "Discover" feature. It's prone to accidentally swipe to the "Discover" tab, it's not an issue at normal usage, but when set to opera mini data saving mode, people want to save data as much as possible (for whatever reason), so accidentally swipping to the "Discover" tab is defeating the purpose of using opera mini data saving mode.
    I myself really like the Discover feature most of the time, but I hate it so much when accidentally swippping to it when on roaming.


  • good

  • i hope opera mini for IOS bring back the cache tab for it as i love the opera mini text zoom and wrapping and cache since andriod and IOS

    as i moved to IOS i now hope opera mini 8 wll add abd bring back the old opera mini 7 ios features back

    and also zooming too is a impt features for smaller screen iphone as the default is too small

    please add zooming back too

    as now opera 8 mini now is no diff from safari and others too

  • One thing is preventing me from using Opera Mini as my main browser: Cannot use Pocket.

    Not only is there not the pocket integration that other iOS apps now have through "add to" or "share", but you can no longer add the bookmarklet because you cannot edit the URL of a bookmark in Opera Mini. (Which is weird for other reasons as well).

    Please fix!

  • I don't seem to be able to edit a bookmark's url to create a bookmarklet. Is there a way to do that?

  • I reverted back to opera mini 7.0.5 (I have the backup of it in my hard drive).
    I feel the version 7.0.5 is more comfortable to use;
    +it runs better/smoother on my old iPhone 4.
    +no need to worry of having accidentally swipping to "discover tab" when on data roaming.
    +having ability to edit bookmark's url is a pleasure.
    +copying text from websites is easier.
    The only downside of version 7.0.5 for me is the UI feels old compared to version 8.0.x

    When I need better internet experience, I use safari (it's preinsralled, having good performance and speed, so why left it unused?) so it's a good combo, opera mini 7.0.5 for saving data, safari for full browsing experience.

  • I accidentally updated from 7 to 8 and began editing my history without first reading the change log. As a result I lost some history I did not intend to delete because the grouping UI is not intuitive. I thought I was only deleting the home page, because that is all that was displayed. 😢

    Suggested UI fix:

    Instead of only showing

    put a symbol to indicate additional URL components. E.g.:
    or perhaps better:

    Thank you.

  • One thing is preventing me from using Opera Mini as my main browser: Cannot use Pocket.

    @mliq, it works for me. Do you have iOS 8? Have you clicked More and enabled Pocket in Activities screen? After doing so I have a button to add something to Pocket.

    According bookmarklets: could you please give examples of the ones you would like to use and their purpose?