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Opera Mini 7.5.5 for Android

  • "Again, what "topic" do you refer to?"

    The ones about the forum and not related to Opera itself as said.

    ... Maybe I'm reading you wrong, but it sounds like you are mixed up on this point... If I'm not mistaken, the original topic of discussion on this thread, was basically 3 or 4 peeps with the same & ongoing theme, being iterated for a long time, that opera mini or the updated version was not working right or at all, for those ppl. If I missed something in that regard & it was actually about something else, such as about the forum, as your comment seems to say...then my apology, but I don't think it was. Because your comment above says not, that it was about opera mini problems & that after I threw in my 2 cents about that, then I also went into the forum problems comments, which I believe is what did happen... but it reads w/you saying it was about the forum & I changed it to comments about opera mini. That's what you said, in effect, because I asked you what topic you were referring to in some previous comment you made, where you referred to the original topic of the thread & how I may have gotten off of it. Your reply, above, answers by stating: the one about the forum. So that sounds like you have it mixed up. In any event, I assume what you mean, is how it was about the browser & at some point I began commenting about the forum. If so, please don't be lost on the fact that I addressed that w/2 reasons. 1) that it was not established that the issues I reported that related to the forum only apparently, could not also be possibly due to either the problems w/the browser, or my phone or some combination. You later admitted the same thing was possible. And 2) because you had asked me something that sort of led me into comments about the forum, but I didn't know it was the forum specifically or not & so I honestly was seeing it all..... as apropos, in a general, malfunctioning opera mini & forum way. All this stuff was contained in the previous thread (7.5.4) but was closed off (inappropriately in my opinion), as I was in the process of trying to show how the explanations given there were all wrong or wrong context...and supposedly, the important thing to do, in his supposed idea of moving fwd, was to end it & move on to to this thread with supposed update...but I watched it for awhile, after the update & there were only a very few comments made, but they were all the same ol same ol theme...."it don't work, it don't work, it don't work... and so finally, after seeing that, it seemed valid & appropriate to jump in and make my rant about how it was wrong for that previous thread to be shut down in the middle of me showing how his comments were incorrect ones.... And... to then move back into all the additional complaints I had about all the ensuing issues that keep rearing their head, whether the base causes are mini, the forum architecture, my phone, or some combination, and especially so, for that very reason, that those possible culprits have indeed NOT, been identified. The intention is not to complain, simply for its own sake, but in the interest of getting to the bottom of it.

  • "I was using Opera for Android but not specifically Opera Mini. And i was
    just trying to figure out what could be happening as i don't recall may
    others complaining about those icons being missed and i really couldn't
    realize that Mini itself was the problem."

    ... Which lead you to wrong assumptions, IMHO, because it now seems pretty obvious that using opera to look at & deal with Opera mini specific problems, is not a good way to do it. I believe I found the mod in thst previous thread (I referred to) did the same thing, which also led him astray. That's how I see it. The stuff I've reported & my loose conclusions make sense.

    In any event, you have now reported that you too have found that those icons & other tools you noted, are indeed not in place as they should be, in opera mini, thus play a significant part in the complaints & problems noted & so doesn't THAT need to be addressed & maybe dealt with/fixed??

  • In any event, you have now reported that you too have found that those icons & other tools you noted, are indeed not in place as they should be, in opera mini, thus play a significant part in the complaints & problems noted & so doesn't THAT need to be addressed & maybe dealt with/fixed??

    Maybe it would be interesting to report the issue using Help > Report a problem on Opera Mini.

  • "Maybe it would be interesting to report the issue using Help > Report a
    problem on Opera Mini."

    Hmmm...interesting way you worded that "maybe it would be interesting to report...". Makes me wonder where you're coming from... But anyway, nah.. Makes no sense to me. For one thing I figure they read the forums. No doubt in my mind. And so they see all these complaints reported from almost everyone for almost forever... I don't need to "jump thru any more hoops" to let them know they're not doing a good job of having a good browser. And that's another thing, almost every single post about opera mini Android is a complaint so it's already a "report a problem" place. So such "formalities" are ridiculous at this point. It's just a big game playing thing by them. If I truly wanted to put out a good product & truly cared what the everyday users were saying, all I would have to do is read the thread, PERIOD! (and start replying to legit comaints, in a timely fashion & w/respect to the user base. Everything else is nothing more than irresponsible game playing & avoidance. I don't need them anymore, I have browsers that work. (by the way I continually keep forgetting to mention that 2 more things the mod on the last thread said were bs as far as I can see. 1) he touted the compression rate on mini as one thing above & beyond UC browser & so he said it's not an apples to apples comparison & that I was not using UC browser mini as a comparison...whatever all the hell that means anyway... but the point is that I was in the process of one by one showing him his inaccuracies, but he pulled the plug on the thread (after saying he was not going to do that) before I could show him that he should become better informed about his advice. So he touted how great the compression rate is on mini & said that USB doesntnhave it... However when I went to UC browser (regular, not mini) I found a gauge similar to what's here on mini, that states how much bandwidth has been saved & not only is it there, by default, but the saving rate was much higher than there than it was here on mini. I believe it quoted me 94% overall (and it has many more features & function & they all w/a 94% savings rate is freakin phenomenal. Hang on, lemme go check both right now.....


  • Well I asked it to save draft while I went to check those numbers but I come back & see it posted my composition instead of saving to draft, which is ironic considering how difficult it is foe me to post, as I've reported. But anyway, the savings for opera mini was reported to be 80% for session & 85% (or it was the other way around). The savings for UC browser was shown in a different way than the last time I looked about a week or 2 ago. Then it reported 94%. But now it just gave the overall savings in bytes plus the total Amy actually used, so I would guess that mean you add the 2 together to get the total bandwidth (in this case; it was 43.25 GB) And the usage was 7.94 GB & the savings was 35.31 GB. so I roughly calculate that to be about 85-90% savings. So the compression & savings is about the same or better at UC & you don't have to use UC mini or activate anything special. So unless I'm reading something wrong, he was dead wrong but refused to let me posted he facts & figures rebuttal. And darn, now I 4got the other thing again (it was another easily valid rebuttal).

  • Dear All,
    we have released today a bugfixing update for Opera Mini on Android. We have only very minor changes for you, a couple of crashes were fixed and downloads were slightly improved.
    The update is now available in Google Play and will be present shortly on our servers and in other stores. Please go, give it a try and send us your feedback.
    Take care and have a nice summer!

    I am facing a problem in Opera Browser and Opera Mini while using some fonts. A dialogue box appears showing font data calculation. It takes 5 minutes to complete, after it says error reading page from server. While I open it again, same thing start again and again. I like Opera Mini very much, I have been using it for last 8 years but now I can't use it due to this problem. So please solve this issue. Currently I have to opt out for UC Browser due to this issue.

    Can you explain me this issue?

    When shall I expect it to be fixed?

  • I'm currently using opera on my samsung galaxy gt5570. Earlier it was totally normal to use opera but since i hve updated it to the latest version the opera mini app gets crashed on startup. This happens for upto 20 times before i actually get to use the app. I've turned off the home page in order to avoid any possible lag coz of its presence. going through 20 crashes is way to frustrating. please help.
    This is the general info. of my current opera mini browser.
    About Opera

    Version 10.00
    Build 3459
    Platform Pike v7.8 release 517

  • Remember, this is a mostly community-based self-help forum. To report bugs go to where they'll ask various - and very specific - questions about your setup and problem.


  • Will all those (multitudes) ppl who reported a "bug" (what constitutes "a bug"?) to the bug guys place, please report here what were the results of your reports?

    Please report the results of bug reports here.

  • Is it too much to ask? Has anyone here made a bug report? If so, what result? Simple

  • This looks strange. Anyone heard of this before? Thanx!
    P.S. It's a real info, taken today with LogcatX. This is just 1 (and only) "alien" line.

    08-11 14:35:18.561 497 522 W PackageManager: Unknown permission com.opera.GET_BRANDING in package

  • Have you rooted or otherwise modded your device? Sounds like something to do with that and a conflict. Looks like these guys had similar & disabling problems.

    I really have no clue but t almost sounds like someone tried to change something about the native system?

  • Also did you recently add some plug-in?

  • Yes, device is running on custom port of CM 11 and everything works fine. No, I didn't add any plug-in for Opera Mini. Odd thing, when I log in on Google Play from my PC with the same account I'm using on phone, Opera Mini isn't listed in my apps. With the GP app on phone it's listed as installed app and I'm able to rate it and comment. Not from my PC, though. I don't know if this is related to error from the log I posted or maybe related with the Opera link problem I'm encountering since the latest update?

    Edit: I just checked from 3 different browsers, same thing. I guess it's a server issue?

  • Yes, device is running on custom port of CM 11 and everything works fine.

    Could you point to exact version? On what device are you running it?

    Does Opera Mini doesn't start for you at all or you are just worried about this line in log?

  • I'm using ZTE Blade III with custom port of CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.4)by KonstaT. Here:
    Yes, Opera Mini is (almost) fully functional, except Opera Link option which doesn't work since the last update (OM for Android v 7.5.3.)I've posted details here: I'm not worried about that line in log, though it looks strange because I've never heard about that permission before?

  • I was trying to be helpful. I search that entire log line got no result, but trimmed off some of the the beginning & got alot of results & saw that the results appeared to maybe be related so I posted the link to show you what was there thinking maybe it might lead you to something helpful, even tho I don't understand any of it except for about permissions conflicts. I'm obviously in way over my head. I just tried to kick start maybe someone that has a clue to chime in w/some real help. About the mini not listed thing, I don't know about these things but it occurred to me that even tho you say it's same Google Play acct, that perhaps it has the ability to distinguish between mobile apps & pic apps & you wouldn't (I don't think) have Omini on the pic side of the acct, right? It sounds to me like the issue here is to find out why opera link doesn't work (not that it's too reliable even when it does work).

    Anyway, just trying get to stimulate some back & forth & maybe generated someone less clueless than I.

  • is it just me or sombody else noticed that opera mini loads webpages slower and slower and slower? it is quite annoying