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Nagging 'Authentication Failed' Pop-up Messages

  • Yesterday, I started getting an intermittent pop-up message entitled: "Authentication failed for" [my wire's email address]. The message content stated: "The server responded: sorry, you are not permitted to use the 'POP' server at your current level. Please login to the web interface for more details." This was followed by 3 options: details, cancel & try again. Among the "details" was Authentication=Auto [Plaintext]. I contacted FastMail support but never received a reply & am now getting another intermittent message with the same title. The "new" message reads: "The server responded: 535 5.7.0, sorry, you are not permitted to use the 'SMTP' server at your current level, Please login to the web interface for more details." This message pop-up was followed with the same 3 choices as the first; one of the details was Authentication=Auto [AUTO LOGIN].

    I have a laptop with the same operating system, version of opera & with FastMail installed & it doesn't have this problem so it seems that something got changed here in Opera on this desktop computer. Does anyone know how I can log into the "web interface" that these messages refer to &/or what I need to do to fix this problem? Another weird thing about this is: what connection does my wife's email address have to do with Opera browser operation? I get these messages even when the email accounts are logged out! Thanks!

  • I doubt it will cure your problem, but this is the web interface I think the error messages are referring to .

  • Thanks but that's my email service URL & I already checked my email account settings there & also my browser settings from opera:config & found no email protocol settings choices. I'm considering removing & reinstalling Opera but, from experience, when it's reinstalled the bugs sometimes remain in memory & get reinstalled, too, but all the bookmarks, notes & customization get lost. I'll give it a try, though.

  • The point of the original poster is that you will have to go online to the website to fix the error - it is not an error in Opera.

    The POP server is used to receive messages, the SMTP server to send messages.

  • I'm happy to report that this issue is resolved! Per the advice I got here I contacted FastMail support &, after sending them screenshots of the nag pop-ups, they had me check Opera's "Mail & Chat Accounts..." [from "Tools"]. Sure enough, my wife's email address was there although it didn't belong there. I deleted it & that resolved the problem. Apparently my wife accidentally put her email address there when she responded to a pop-up dialog box that she probably got after hitting the wrong key combination. Thanks for your efforts.

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