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  • I couldn't wait for another day, so I kept looking. I now think that "Touch" and "My Flow" are only for mobile devices. I couldn't find "My Flow" on my desktop iMac, because it's not there and was never intended to be there. Despite a great deal of searching, I couldn't find this spelled out anywhere, but I now think that this is the case. Does everyone agree?
    Wed Oct 30, 12:29 p.m.

  • @damnyou said in Where is "My Flow"?:

    "Touch" and "My Flow"

    Is another Opera's Mobile Browser.

    "My Flow"
    It connects it with Desktop version.

    As said, it's inside Opera, look on the Opera Settings or on the Opera SideBar.

    If you seen it before on the iMac now would be disabled.

  • @damnyou We are talking about Opera, right? So it could only be Opera's sidebar.

  • @leocg ,
    What side bar? This is the first time I I've heard that Opera had a sidebar. Thanks for the information, though. I'll take a look, now.

  • @damnyou The one zalex108 talked about a few posts above.

  • Is on Mac also.

    alt text

  • @leocg
    I went back there AGAIN and finally found what you people are talking about. I even found all of those files/links, etc. that I have saved in the past. I also clicked on some more boxes in the hope that...It worked!!! I just saw a flash on the screen saying that someone had responded to my message. So, "My Flow" doesn't totally suck. It's just that I prefer a list that you don't have to go looking for. Well, even with its limitations, it's something. I'm still angry with Opera, though. The B______ lost all of my precious Bookmarks the last time Opera was updated. That hurt. By the way, I just learned that Opera is now mostly owned by a Chinaman, one that lives and works in what we (one of my generation) used to call "Red China," to distinguish it from the good China, the free China: Taiwan. At first it bothered me and I was thinking of changing my browser, but I have nothing to hide, even if they do go snooping through my files. I wish I did. Sigh...a wasted life.

  • @damnyou


    said in Where is "My Flow"?:

    lost all of my precious Bookmarks the last time Opera was updated

    Did you looked at TimeMachine?

  • @zalex108,
    Hmm, I assume you're talking about an external hard drive, but maybe you're not. I'll see if I can find "Time Machine" somewhere in Opera's home page.

  • @damnyou

    No no! xD
    This time is related to Mac.

    You should look at your System Prefs or SpotLight.
    Is the Built in MacOS Backup system.

    Since I don't know if needs previous manual set up, maybe is not started yet.

    It's a must, in whatever OS.

  • @zalex108,
    Well, I'll be. Damned. I was unable to copy and paste it, but someone here just said: "It appears Time Machine is not saving Opera bookmarks. Am I wrong about this"? Well, that was posted on Oct 27, so I'll be back to see what answers he gets. Thanks for the tip.

  • @damnyou

    Right, just read it at some point but forgot it.

    But not sure whether is an isolated problem or not.

    You should look if it's enabled on your system and have backups.
    Despite that, you can do a test for the future or report it if it's a general bug.

    Also, check the Tip.

    "Off Topic Tip"
    Follow the Signature's Backup | Reset link.
    Take the opportunity to start a Backup plan and even create a Template Profile.

    SyncBack | Synkron helps.

    Windows 7 (x64)
    Opera Test profile | Opera Backup | Reset

  • @damnyou said in Where is "My Flow"?:

    to see what answers he gets

    Forgot about the Bookmarks.bak.

    Look at his Topic.