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Opera not saving my installed extensions

  • I don't know if this is because of Windows 8 (and updates to) when restarting computer or this is an issue with the most recent 22 updating. But, I keep losing all my extensions and am having to reinstall them, quite annoying. Anyone have any suggestions, info, or input?


  • @gwendolensea,

    It would be extremely annoying to me, so I can understand your concern. Question: do you use CC Cleaner or a product like that. It may be related to your settings there. Take a look at this thread, and let us know if it helps.

    I noticed this thread regarding extensions disappearing in the Chrome browser, and people suggested it might be a bug of their latest update.

    So if the thread about CC Cleaner doesn't help, all I could think about is maybe there is a bug with Opera 22, so here's a link to the bug wizard, though hold off doing anything till other respond. I don't want to put you to filing anything if it's unnecessary.

    If all else fails, one could uninstall, and reinstall Opera 22, having saved your profile first in a Flash Drive or on the Cloud if you have access to that. The profile can be found by clicking on the Opera Menu, and then on About Opera. The folder it is in is called Opera Stable.

    But before you do anything drastic, please review that thread on CC Cleaner (and do let us know whether you have been cleaning internet history with a product like CC Cleaner), and let's hope also others respond to this issue, who may have more experience than I do with this issue.

    Best of luck.

  • yeah well I do, all I have on Opera settings for CC Cleaner is cache, download history and last download location. I was having similar issues with both Firefox and Chrome even with minimizing what CC Cleaner did and I finally had to sync to save my basic browser settings and extensions (which made things verrrry sloooooooow on both of them and why I am now trying Opera). It is working much better speed-wise and with Flash.

    I also cleaning browsing history from within Opera but that shouldn't affect extensions I can't imagine...

  • Also, make sure it's the latest version of CC Cleaner, that you have.

    By the way, I have CC Cleaner on my computer, but I started using another cleaner, called SlimCleaner. It has gotten very good reviews, and perhaps it won't give you this problem. I use it some, and like it.

    On cleaning Opera, you can try to set CC Cleaner not to do it, if it remains a problem. You can clean instantly by remember the keyboard extension, "ctrl shift delete." (In Windows, ctrl alt delete brings up the Windows Start Task Manager), so it's just remember "shift" for the middle sequence instead of "alt".) You can also clean history by going ctrl H, and click on clean browsing data. Or click on History in the Opera Menu and do do the same -- click on clean browsing data.

    Also, there are a lot of extensions that give you the ability to easily clean history by clicking on an icon/button on the icon bar. An example is the Opera exentsion, called History Eraser, which you can easily download by going to this link.

    So my thought here is to get CC Cleaner to stop cleaning Opera if what has happened to you remains a problem, even after the latest update, and to try other ways -- quite easy -- to clean. And then see if the problem disappears -- which would be exactly what you want.

  • Thanks. I will check out SlimCleaner and also completely remove Opera from the CC Cleaner (will just do it through Opera--but would deleting history through Opera cause the same problem?).

  • I clean (though ctrl history, or "ctrl shift delete" all the time, and don't have that problem. I mean, cleaning history should not be "downloaded extensions." And it's inconceivable to me that Opera would have provided the means for you to clean the history via the ways I mentioned to you, and had the cleaning wipe out your extensions. I would be shocked if you did it that way and had a problem. Then you would have a bona fide, and quite nasty "bug." 🙂 It could be there's a bug in the CC:Cleaner, but test the approach I've suggested. And remember to save your profile first -- if you can. It's always good practice to do that, as it's handy to have it.

    And welcome to Opera. I think it is a very fast browser, and has a lot of super features.

  • Ok how do I save my Opera profile, sans syncing which is not available yet for the newer versions--I know this is not brain surgery... 😉

  • Haha. Let's see, where is the scalpel? Click on the Opera menu, upper left hand side of the browser, and then click on About Opera. There you will find the location of the Profile folder. If you use Windows, then you just find the find the folder in Windows Explorer, and copy it. If you have a flash drive, that's a good place to put it. Otherwise, copy it to the desktop for the time being. (The reason a flash drive is better longer term, is to have the profile in case you ever have to reinstall your entire operating system).

    I use Windows 7. If you're confused about how to locate the folder I can help you if you're a Windows user. Don't worry about asking what you don't know. Let us know though what Operating system you are using (if you need more help on locating the file), even after finding the location in About Opera.

    If you do locate the folder, you just right click on it, select copy, and then -- for example, go to your desktop, right click on an empty space there and select "paste." Or if you have a flash drive, you could go to that flash drive, in My Computer, and then right click, and select paste, to paste it in the flash drive. But at this point, even putting a copy of the profile folder (called "Opera Stable") on the desktop would be useful, just so you have a backup copy of it.

    Now if for some reason, making the copy is too hard, I think the suggestions given on getting CC Cleaner to stop cleaning Opera, and for you to do it -- the cleaning otherwise -- may well (hopefully) at least solve the immediate problem of the disappearing extensions.

  • ah ok THAT Profile, gotcha, and I can never remember the path, I always end up doing file search 😉 But it's the entire Opera folder there, there isn't a single "profile" file.

  • If you forget the path, you can always quickly find it, by clicking on the Opera Menu (upper left of the browser), and then click on About Opera. The profile is a folder (not a file) called in Opera 22, "Opera Stable." In that profile is a bookmark file, a speed dial file, i believe, (I'm not even sure which one it is) your preferences, a folder of extensions, etc.

    I think you'll be okay on this disappearing extensions issue. But it's always good when Opera is functioning well to save a copy of the profile. And update it periodically. Now I usually clear history before saving the profile so it takes up less space. Flash drives are pretty inexpensive, and often connect to the USB port of a computer. You can save the profile in a flash drive easily enough. Or to the desktop (though if you ever have to reinstall the Operating system, the desktop would be gone, so that's why saving to a flash drive or even to the cloud, if that's available, is a good idea.