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Help Me Recover My Bookmarks, Speed Dials, Saved Pages and Opened Tabs Lost After Accidentally Pressing Factory Reset....

  • 1: My version of Android is 4.2.2 .

    2: My phone model is TECNO P5S and the Manufacturer is

    3: My version of Opera was 44.1.2254 .

    --> Ad-Blocker is Enabled.

    --> Data Savings is Enabled.

    My Problem;

    Please help me recover my lost Bookmarks, Speed Dials, Saved Pages and Opened Tabs. These Bookmarks, Speed dials, Saved Pages are very very important to me and they're also work related and crucial to the kind of job i do. Also, i have saved this bookmarks, speed dials etc. for the last 5 years, 5 years worth of work as you can see, it's really Painful and a Big Loss beyond recovery for me to lose these bookmarks. I have tried everything under the sun to recover those bookmarks, speed dials, but Nothing has helped. Please please have pity on me, and somebody help me! My life depends on this, please help me!! I know this data is still in your servers.

    What actually happened is; my phone had a Black Screen issue, it became unresponsive and could not power up, so i decided to use hardware buttons and entered the Android Recovery Mode but unfortunately this time it came up in Chinese language, i accidentally pressed eMMC only to find out through Google that means Factory Reset. I had no idea what was happening, there was No Warning.... in a second all my data was gone! Now i don't know what to do.... I'm stuck!! I'm really frustrated and stressed out!! You guys are my only hope!!

  • @maggz254 Did you have sync enabled? If so then maybe you can restore your bookmarks and speed dials. The rest is probably gone unless you have a backup.

  • Does Google restore AppData?


  • @leocg Hi Leo, thanks for replying. Unfortunately Sync was not enabled. Is there anything else we can do? Please, is it possible to find any of my data on your servers? i just want to find my bookmarks, speed dials even if it's in HTML format, or anything.

  • @zalex108 Hi Zalex, thanks for your reply. I have tried most of the Data Recovery Softwares online, the free version of course, but unfortunately they've not helped. Most of them can only recover photos and videos, and that's not what i want. I just want to find my bookmarks. By the way, is there any software online that can do that? Or how do i use the existing ones to recover my bookmarks?

  • @leocg By the way, even if i recover some data using some Data Recovery Software, how will i know it's my bookmarks? What will be the file format or type?

  • Any kind of phone back up?

    Google? Default device?

  • @zalex108 Yes. I did a phone backup in December 2017 on my Google Drive. But when i check my phone's backup, there's no trace of Opera Mini in it! That really puzzled me! I don't know why that happened.

  • @maggz254

    Did you enable Opera Sync at some point?

  • @zalex108 Yes, i always use Google to do my searches online. I went to my Google Dashboard and i saw some of my searches online, and that's just about it. Now, i asked Google about my app data on Google Play from Previously Installed Apps, but they said its going to be hard to reinstall my apps with it's previous app data after doing a factory reset. I'm still discussing this matter with them.

  • @maggz254

    Look at

  • @zalex108 I did not enable Opera Sync at any point on this phone, because i was afraid i was going to overwrite the bookmarks i had synced earlier from another phone. has nothing on it! Zero! No bookmarks, no speed dials, no saved pages...... Nothing!

  • @maggz254

    Then I don't know whatelse to do.

    About the file, Bookmarks is the common.
    Not sure if will have extension, on Computer it hasn't.

  • @maggz254 In Opera for desktops, the bookmarks file is called Bookmarks. No idea of how it's called in Opera Mini.

  • @maggz254 Your data is not stored in Opera servers, it's stored locally.
    Only when sync is enabled, part of the data is stored in the sync servers, so you can sync them with your other Opera installations.

  • @maggz254 As far as I know, the default backup only saves the system info and some (Google) apps data. It doesn't backup all your apps data.

  • @zalex108 @leocg Thanks guys for your help and replies. I don't know what else to do. I have tried everything. I even Rooted my phone coz of this. I guess all my data is gone, and gone for good! Why don't smartphones have Restore points just like computers??? I wonder..... Anyway, if you guys still have ideas on how i can get my bookmarks back, please keep me posted.