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Add "show full web address" back to address bar. Hiding part of the URL is BAD.

  • Following in the dangerous trend set by Google, Opera now hides part of the address and make it look more "user-friendly".

    I regard this as potentially harmful. Making users more ignorant is bad for security.

    I would also argue that it is not necessarily more "user-friendly" either.

    I know, instead of showing the beginning part of the URL it tells you whether the site is secure or not - but I want BOTH.

    You don't necessarily have to enable it for everyone, I just want the option back to "show full address".

  • Opera gave us the option to show the full URL if we want, I believe in Opera 21. I can't check my desktop right now, but I believe it's in Settings and Browser -- the ability to show the full URL. But for sure, in Settings. So go through that carefully.

  • It's only available by enabling power user settings. Go to settings, click anywhere outside of the search bar, and using arrow keys punch the sequence up up down down left right left right B A. You'll get a popup to confirm and then you can check the box to always show power settings. I know it's available in 22 and developer.

  • There's no need to enable the hidden power user settings, just enable the advanced settings checkbox at the bottom and the option to display the full URL will appear.

  • Advanced user options have an asterisk next to them, while power user options have a triangle with an exclamation point inside. Just to clarify.

  • Thanks guys. Good to know it's there. I don't like that it's hidden away either. In fact I don't like that the full URL is hidden at all.

    Making things simple and user-friendly so I don't have to think is great for the most part. But I would NOT put hiding part of the URL in the "user friendly" category at all. It hides important information that is useful to the user for the purposes of security.

    I have to update Opera manually to see the option. Opera updater asks for authentication on our proxy and doesn't accept any user/pass/domain that I throw at it. It shouldn't be asking for authentication at all, any more than browsing does.

  • If you selected and copied that shorter address, and pasted it in something like notepad, an email, an address bar, you'd get the full address. Or at least, I believe you are supposed to.