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Donloading Files: Dialog Box "Open, Save, Save As, Cancel"

  • I would like to add:

    Please, to the people who is Reading this comment, comment on this topic because that way we can show to the Opera Developers that there are people with the same trouble and let them know that is important for us and for a good browser.

    Besides, for the people that is not really complained by this problem, you can comment too. This could be an optional feature that will be not worse to anybody but for us, who commented, and for a lot of people more it would be really better and it will not change how it is now, it will just add an option to change the state of now.

    I appreciate the work of the Opera Developers and the work of the Add-ons developers, including cristoph142, and I pleaase ask you for this feature in the name of all who want this because it will not cause anything worse to anybody but for a lot of users it will be a big difference. Just a simple and optional feature for doing the browser better and ,for the users, it will give them an optional feature to customize their browser.


  • +1, should be a native option selectable in preferences πŸ˜‰

  • Ageed, I would really like to have this BACK (!). It's always been there up until version 12.

  • What I want is the old "Open, Save As, Cancel" dialog box... or even better, "Open, Save to default folder, Save As, Cancel". I need to control my downloaded files, I want to decide each time if I just want to open the file or if I wanto to save it in a specific folder. Opera is getting better and better, but this is one simple feature that I miss from Opera 12.


    This is the only tool that I cannot endure and this is why I still using Opera 12.

  • We don't want to install patches and widgets to open files without having to go through a dialogue to view them. Please reinstate the processing that allowed us to open a file or link by clicking it rather than having to save it to the Downloads folder first. If you do decide to oblige this simple and sensible request please do not remove another useful function to compensate. More is better!

  • +1111111111

    This is the most important feature why I use the Opera12 as default browser.

  • +1 for the option to open files without saving them. I really miss this in opera next.

  • The Open Save Save As dialog was one of the nice features that made me use Opera rather than the other browsers.
    With the new Chrome based versions, all these nice things disappeared: no Open file action, the downloads tab with the percentage/time left progress bar has been replaced with the stupid chrome round bar, multiple windows pop up instead of opening in new tabs and in the latest version, the mouse middle button to open link in new tab has also disappeared!
    It seems like the user friendliness has become worse with every new version.
    Please start focusing more on this because the browser of choice is supposed to provide an optimal experience for the end user that differentiates it form the other browsers.
    Many of the old users left Opera because they could no longer find this in the new versions.
    I've postponed the uninstall many times because I hoped that these features would return but I've started to lose hope lately.
    Right now, Opera seems to be just a Chrome clone to me. So why not use the original?

  • +1111111111111

    Opera was a fine piece until this chrome 's grab all files behavior came along. User should have an option to Open (save to a temp folder), Save (user picks location) or Cancel (opps, not the file I want).

  • How many ppl have to write here to get the very important option back to life?
    Rly Devs...

  • How many ppl have to write here to get the very important option back to life?
    Rly Devs...

    It's not about the number of people asking for it, it's more about giving good use(r) cases showing why such option would be (more) useful for the users.

  • The answer is simple, more options = more useful, it's always better to have such possibility than have not. Don't you think? It's the same as options for customizing UI.

    For my case I need it for adding .torrent files for utorent automaticaly by one click.
    No, I don't like the way uTorrent easy client works, anyway it doesn't if u use ut and pb.

    It's not about the number of people asking for it, it's more about giving good use(r) cases showing why such option would be (more) useful for the users.

    I would rather to know who and why made the decision to remove this option from Opera?
    Because, so far, it looks like "we know better what you need".

    I know simple solution, just set some pool, may be called, "Which of 12.XX Opera options do you need/miss much?" then try to improve it, deal?


  • The answer is simple, more options = more useful,

    Well, not necessarily. More options can also mean more trouble.

    I'm not against options but adding them just for having them is not good.

    I would rather to know who and why made the decision to remove this option from Opera?
    Because, so far, it looks like "we know better what you need".

    Basically the reason is/was, iirc, that instead of having the file downloaded to an "unknown" folder, know the user knows where the file is and have easier access to it.

  • ... well, I guess if the user wanted this he could have just clicked "save" rather than "open"!
    It doesn't seem like a justified reason for me to remove this feature.

  • The option/feature was not removed, Opera Blink (15+) is a completely new browser, totally unrelated (except for name) to the Classic Opera Presto. Nothing was take away or removed, and any options, features or capabilities not in Opera Blink (compared to Classic Opera Presto) have not been or may never be added. Understand ?.

  • Sure but if it is called Opera still it should have get some, developed for these all long years, simple/useful things which was identified with the brand , right?

    Otherwise the Opera product isn't going to be any serious competition vs Chrome line browsers.

    I understand the engine got swaped but the rest missed (quite simple) featuress, should be back, seems, there are not any restrictions to have them again?

  • I just started to domesticate newer Opera (I'm currently using mix of Opera 9/10/12) - and yet another serious annoyance. I want Open/Save/SaveAs dialog as any other old Opera user here, plz πŸ™‚

  • Hello

    Basically, I want an Open button to make my life easier.
    The feature will be Save in the download folder, and use mime types to raise desktop application accordingly (under windows, a system call may be enough).
    I like ot be able to click a file, see it open, alt-tab to get back to opera and use that file later, but already available in its app.

    Simple users, like my wife, would like the open & forget suggested by others. She knows how to do a Save as in the app when she wants to keep the file.

    My 2 cents

  • One of the reasons why the new Opera is my secondary browser - it's not good for someone who have to do a research and opens dozens of documents every day and chooses to save only a few of them. For that purpose Opera's current way of handling downloads is time killer and (very) annoying at best. <blockquote>
    It is a design decision based on the fact that everyone have enormous amounts of storage space available. You can clean up your Downloads folder once in a while instead of having to decide between saving and opening files.

    The old Open button in legacy Opera’s Download dialog but files in a cache folder instead of the Downloads folder. This confused the heck of many who could not find where their files were stored (because either option would store the downloaded file on the system).

    The new way is easier to use because the same thing always happen when you download a file. But some control of individual files is taken away to achieve this.

    It is a simplification of a regular task that did not need to be as complicated as it was.

    That is coming off a Opera dev. I find it kind of insulting, frankly 😞

  • I second this!