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Opera Touch introduces new bottom navigation

  • Up to this release, you could navigate in the browser using the Fast Action Button, but many of you asked us to also introduce more standard-looking navigation. That’s what we did.

    Read full blog post: Opera Touch introduces new bottom navigation

  • Can’t seem to find the new settings in the iOS version which I’ve just updated

  • I just liked the feel of Opera Touch better prior to the 2.0 upgrade.

    It was much easier to move through Home-browsing/My Flow/History modes by swiping left/right before. Now I have click on a bland looking icon at the top of the home screen to switch the mode.

    I liked the floating search bar in FAB mode as it was before. Now the search bar is much higher, not desirable that high up for me.

    I will never use the standard mode browsing instead of the FAB mode. It's just not as handy (more clumsy than FAB mode).

    Any bug fixes that were done are not noticeable so far.

    Thanks for the efforts, though it seems to be a bit of a step back for me.

  • Tbh I'd expected the button to be ported as an option to regular Opera if the concept proved successful, not the other way around.

  • With FAB enabled, only the top 9 “starred" items are accessible. All other “starred” items are not accessible.

    When FAB is turned off, only the top 12 “starred” items are accessible.

    This is version 2.01.

    This is a big bug. I hope a fix is in the very soon mix. Off to another browser in the meantime.

  • Uninstalled the app then reinstalled it, still no options to have a bottom task bar

  • @treego: This was fixed in version 2.02! Yay! Thank you, Opera!

  • History is way too dark in version 2.02.

  • This problem happens intermittently here.

  • To me the only missing piece for both navigation modes is a one click or one gesture tab closing function. Every day I like to read news, so I go into my prefered sites, scan homepage and open 6 or 7 articles in background tabs. Then I start opening them, but if I want to close them I need to press the circle wait for the options to show then choose close icon.
    This should be done in one step or a gesture. Some ideas, put an optional X closing icon in the superior bar. Or give the floating button some swiping functions like if I drag it left tab is closed, if I drag it right tab is saved, etc.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @davidacardona Simply drag the Fast Action Button up and to the left a little bit to close a tab. I use it all the time. It works terrifically, and it’s addictive! 🙂

  • @treego yeah, i use it like that. but i feel it should be just one touch. Thanks for your comment