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Print "Save as PDF" in A4 format

  • Is there a way to make the built-in "Save as PDF" feature to output an A4-sized insted of a US Letter-sized PDF?

  • No. But, if you choose to print instead (ctrl + p) and choose "save as pdf" as the print destination and choose "more options", you can change the paper size to A4.

  • Sorry about that, I worded the question wrongly. I did mention this in the thread title but not in the question itself that I actually AM using and asking about the print dialogue. And that's the problem - there is no "More options" button available for the "Save as PDF" option in the print dialogue. It is only available in the "Microsoft Print to PDF" option which causes some really terrible compression and AFAIK isn't run by Opera anyway but by a Windows print driver.

  • This is my Save as PDF on the Print dialog


  • OK now I have "somewhat" found the solution. I tested on a different page, and the dialogue looked exactly like in your example.

    But I was specifically asking for the purposes of my company's website, where there is a dynamically-generated product sheet which automatically opens the print dialogue. The sheet is designed for portrait format, so the CSS code of the page contains @page {size: portrait;} and removing that part of the code actually solved the issue. So I guess I have found a bug? Because Opera does actually interpret this piece of the code, which is good, but interprets it "too strongly" - as in, it does not only decide the orientation of paper for you, but also the format, margins, etc. and doesn't allow you to change anything

  • @uzifix Can you test and see what Chrome does in the same situation? If it does the same, getting this fixed/change in Chromium should fix it in Opera too.

  • Finally found the time to test it - yes, the behaviour is the same in Chrome.

  • Okay. I'd look on the net to see if there's a good Chrome workaround (that's better than just editing the CSS in developer tools) for this and then try the workaround in Opera. There might even be a Chrome extension that automatically does this. You might be able to make a simple extension that overrides the css on all sites (or a single site).

    Short of that though, your best bet is to file a Chromium bug. and click "new". If you do, link to the bug here please.

  • OK, well my solution was just removing the guilty code, as it is not necessary for the page to run correctly.

    But I posted the bug here: as pdf

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