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Can Sync be used as a way to transfer settings?

  • Hello,

    I have a question about using the sync feature in Opera to just make a one time transfer of Opera settings, bookmarks, etc from one installation of Linux Mint to another?

    I am planning to use Opera on a new installation of Linux Mint and am not planning to need to keep anything synchronized, but thought that this might be a way to transfer everything from the old install to the new one so I wouldn't need to recreate it.

    I currently run Mint 19.1 from a full install on a USB thumb drive. I've been told that I need to use a more permanent medium, so I am planning to move everything onto a USB SSD drive. My thought once I get that up and running, is to run the thumb drive version from an older laptop that I don't use much - sync that Opera to the new Opera on the SSD drive and then disconnect the sync. Will all of the settings, bookmarks etc remain available in the new drive, and it this a possible way to transfer everything?

    Or is there really an easier way?


  • @tnorth Sync should work but, since you are using a synchronization service, do a backup first.

  • @leocg

    Thanks! Will a Timeshift work, or is there something else that will backup Opera before I attempt this?

  • @tnorth No idea what Timeshift is. Backup Opera's profile directory.

  • @leocg

    Timeshift is the backup built into Mint, but I'm not sure if it backs up a program like Opera. I'll look into it. Thanks!