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Problems with saved passwords in Opera 63.0.3368.107

  • Re: Problem with saved passwords in Opera 62.0.3331.18 on Linux Mint 18.3

    So, after reporting the issue with Opera 62.0.3331.18, I've learned this password corruption issue tends to happen with some Opera upgrades. For example, I'll re-enter a previously corrupt password and everything will be fine. Then, Linux Mint will inform me of an Opera update. I'll install the update and then discover I can't login to various sites, even after having previously entered a corrected password for a password that got corrupted before.

    Is anyone else having issues with Opera updates causing password corruption?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Didn't ready anything similar.

    I would suggest to:

    • BackUp all profiles [despite they are Sync']
    • Reset Sync
    • Unify all passwords file in just One:
      • [Import Passwords - At Opera://Flags]
    • Export all 3
    • Rename them
    • Check them
    • Merge them with Libre Office or any other
    • Import the new PassList
    • Sync again


    • Keep a copy of the fixed file

    Follow the Signature's BackUp | Reset link.
    Take the opportunity to make a Template Profile and organize a backup plan.

    SyncBack / Synkron would help - Win -.

    Windows 7 (x64)
    Opera Test profile | Opera Back up | Reset

  • @zalex108 Thanks for the information. Is "Sync" something that's enabled by default? If not, I'm not using "Sync" at all. I made a backup of my profile, saved only TWO passwords, that I entered manually, and neither password had been retained. So, I closed Opera and re-opened it and then the saved passwords were available. I also noticed Opera had been upgraded to version 64.0.3417.47. Weird.

    I'll come up with 'plan B'. Thanks again for your help!


  • Hi,
    It seems I wrote that on the wrong topic. 🙄

    A week ago, there was a user having problems with his Passwords as well, about HTTP saved passwords and logins on HTTPS sites.

    He ended up editing the Passwords and converting all of them to HTTPS.

    I don't know what could be your Passwords problem, but if the problem persist:

    • Take an error message screenshot
    • Check out your accessing URLs
    • Annotate them
    • Try to view and edit your Passwords, take out HTTP/HTTPS:// from the URL, - they should still recognize any form of URL -, test what happens - check out linked post - .
    • Upload the taken info


    • Back up your Passwords/Profile frequently
    • Use a Password Manager - Keepass / Keeweb -

    About Sync,
    Is not enabled by default, look at the OMenu to enable it and know about.

  • @tomdkat
    Same problem here.
    As you: "I found all of my stored passwords are corrupt. They all start with "v11" and appear to have Unicode characters in them (I see a black diamond with a question mark in the middle)."
    I have Linux Mint too.
    I don't know when It happened cause I used to autologin, generally, and the first time I had to re-login I found any passwords were corrupted and lost.
    Well it's an understatement if I say it's a rather unpleasant thing...
    I suppose a few files should be untouchable IMHO
    By the way I have Opera browser sync on W10 and now I have error trying to sync browsers.
    But yes I recovered passwords from Opera Browser on W10. 😅
    Have a nice day 🙂

  • Ok I have been working on this for months across 4 Linux boxes and this is what I have discovered. It has something to do with sync corrupting .config/opera/Preferences file. Seams if you select to sync the passwords the Preferences file changes the hash for passwords to a sync file and gets stuck or corrupted, I have not figured exactly what is going wrong yet. I have managed to get my passwords back from a backup.

    1. make sure on fresh boot that opera is not opened at all or this won't work
    2. Delete or rename the entire opera folder in .config (a hidden folder)
    3. Assuming you have a recent backup restore this folder from the backup

    What I know so far is in the preferences file the password field changes from a 16 digit number and becomes changed to ,"PASSWORD":"SyncEngineImpl" in any password field. From this point forward you can't see your passwords or manage them. The way I am getting around this is keeping a backup of the .config/opera folder and not syncing passwords. Also with the 4 boxes having different versions of 60' something version it effects all of them. I am trying to sort through some old backups and it seems this function last worked with Linux version 52 something. I tried just replacing the Preferences file but this did not work as it is not in sync with the rest of the files in that folder.
    One would think the developers would have consider a backup of the directory before a sync process, but no, so do it manually. A easy way is to just copy to a different directory as trying to create a compressed folder seem not to work.
    I wonder if they knew they had a problem because sync passwords is not selected by default on first sync. Since Opera has become a chrome one off I am looking into "chrome-pass" just to see what I can help, but the install for this is not well structured.