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Prevent closing windows with pinned tabs

  • Since you can't close a pinned tab, as a safety precaution, by default you really shouldn't be able to close a window as long as it has pinned tabs.

  • Maybe then the pinned tab would be more trouble than it was worth. Why pin it if you have to do all that clicking to close the window down. I prefer to be able to close the window instantly, not to have to do all of that unpinning to accomplish that. And what if it's four tabs pinned together. That's a lot of clicking to unpin, in order to close a window.

    I wish I could right click on a pinned tab, and with the context menu then, just close it. I don't like to have to open it, to close it. That's what I would argue for. Otherwise it's too much work.

  • Why would you pin them if you want them to closeable?
    It serves no purpose except to prevent closing, so it not preventing closing seems counter intuitive.

    At the very least it should pop a confirmation dialog before allowing it.
    "You have pinned tabs in this window, are you sure you want to close it?"

    Best of both worlds.

  • I'm not sure about counter-intuitive 🙂 Pinning them -- for me -- has the merit of saving space on the tab bar. And I can pin a few in the same subject area together. I'm often running out of space, and all the tabs are getting so small I can't read them. If I pin a few, it gets better, but then there's the hassle of having to open them, to close them.

    Why are you pinning them. Maybe I can learn how to use them better.

  • I pin things I don't want to close, for example an email session, or twitter, or a search result, then use the other tabs to look up things related to the primary subject, with multiple windows for multiple unrelated topics.

    When done with a search I can "close all tabs to the right" and then recycle the window for another search or another purpose. I don't necessarily want to be able to close everything before I've determined I am actually done with the search.

    When you have several window sets open it becomes increasingly easy to accidentally close the wrong set and then you have to wade through Recently Closed trying to recover it based on whatever the title of one of the pages in the set happened to be, whereas having a pinned item in the set would make it possible to avoid accidental closure of the entire set.

  • If you're using the new Opera, this thread on permanently pinned tabs might be of interest.

  • Note even remotely similar or related.

  • Just thought I'd pass it along, since you use pinned tabs, in case you want to set up opening opera with a tab or tabs already pinned.