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  • Hello,

    I am using Gmail with Opera. When I copy a tab from Microsoft Excel to paste it to Opera, the formatting is ignored !
    It works with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome !
    Why not with Opera ?
    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Opera 63.0.3368.94 / Windows 10

  • Is it just with Excel? In Chrome, I selected some things on a web page, chose copy and then pasted into a Gmail compose Window in Opera (with plain text compose off) and Opera pasted the rich text where the formatting and colors were pasted properly just like Chrome does.

  • Yes, it is just with Excel.
    I tried with Word and it worked fine.

    With my personal PC, it works. I do not understand. Is there anything wrong with the Excel version (we use Excel 2007) ?

  • Is there anything wrong with the Excel version (we use Excel 2007) ?

    Not sure. It could be an issue with just Opera.

    You can check the "html format" part of the clipboard after you copy something from Excel and compare it with something you copy in in Word. Use to do that. Maybe you can see something in the Excel content that's not there in the Word content that breaks pasting in Opera.

  • @burnout426 It doesn't work for me either. I tried inside clipboard, neither. I need it because I work everyday with Excel and emails, sending charts to clients.

  • I don't have Excel to test. Copy something in Excel. Then, use Inside Clipboard to view the content of your clipboard. Then, goto "File -> Save as clp" to save your clipboard content. Then, upload the clp file somewhere so we can look at it. Also, describe (or show with a pic) what the result should look like when pasting in a Gmail compose body (for example) in Opera.

  • @burnout426 Thanks for your response. Did what you said, not working either. I really don't wanna use another browser.


  • @sclears said in Copy from Excel to Opera:

    Did what you said, not working either.

    The Inside Clipboard viewer isn't supposed to fix anything. It's supposed to show you what Excel puts in the clipboard so it can be analyzed to determine what Opera doesn't like.

    The pics help, but do you have the clp file as requested?

  • @burnout426 Not sure if anyone's still looking at this thread, but I recently started using Opera GX and the only draw back is that excel tables are converted to pictures. I've attached a link to the clp file if that helps. (The website says I don't have enough permissions :-|)

  • @aaronnw Are you referring to pasting into a Gmail compose body?

    I loaded your clp file and tried pasting into a Gmail compose body with rich text formatting turned on, but I just got plain text with the cell text separated by tabs to represent the cells. I tried in Chrome and Firefox too. Same thing. As in, Gmail isn't using the Rich Text Formatting section in the clipboard when pasting.

    Now, if I load up Wordpad and paste into it, I get a table. So, I don't think there's anything wrong with the clipboard content created when you copied from Excel. It just looks like a Gmail problem.

    Are you able to get things to paste right into Gmail in Chrome?

    Edit: I tried to just paste some bold text into Gmail in Chrome and that didn't even work. I could see it get inserted as bold text for a second and then the formatting was removed even though rich text mode was on. I then disable ublock origin in Chrome and was able to paste the tab. But, it just came out as bold text separated by tabs. But, now I can't reproduce that at all. I will have to play around with it more later.

  • @burnout426 It appears that Gmail needs an HTML_FORMAT section in the clipboard that has HTML markup that represents the table. If Excel doesn't generate that, pasting won't work.

  • Hello burnout426,

    This operation Copy/Paste works well with others browsers as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

  • @davidnt said in Copy from Excel to Opera:


    Hmm. What version of Excel are you using?

  • In the past, Excel 2007.
    Today, Excel 2013.

  • @davidnt Can you provide a clp file of your clipboard contents after copying a table in Excel like @AaronNW did above?