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  • If this feature is not available, then please add this as a new Feature request.

    Use Case: I have lots of My Flow items and it would be a good feature to search for a particular Flow item.

  • I support this idea of ​​adding a search.
    But I would also very much like you to add categories or tags to "My flow".

  • Yeah this is like basic feature for all "chat" like windows. You have history in it. If you use it it gets long. You simply want to get quickly to something you stashed.

  • **Solved **

    As I was thinking about the same, why would Opera not want to implement such a function as Ctrl+F, or ⌘+F to empower its users to search Theirs Flow. And I found out, it is not like they don't want, it is just kept simple. So simple, that it already is there, and here is a workaround:

    **How To Search "My Flow " In Opera **

    • My Flow _SOLVED.png
    1. Open Opera "My Flow"
    2. Click Right Mouse Button
    3. Select "Copy address" from context menu
    4. Open it in a new tab in browser
    5. Add it to your bookmarks

    Basically, "My Flow" is HTML file kept securely at Opera's servers, and access to it is enabled via HTTPS.
    Once you get the address, you may access your file in a full-featured browser window, and search through it with Ctrl+F / ⌘+F.

    It solves also another problem:

    • How To Export "My Flow" From Opera ? / Backup / Archiving My Flow
    1. Open Opera "My Flow"
    2. Click Right Mouse Button
    3. Select "Save as" and get the HTML file
    4. You can read it later with a text editor

    One last thing just bothers me, what if I'd like to import some of my old "My Flow" files... you know to get some kind of delta update... as "Leave note for yourself" brings probably always a plain text, hence, it could be beneficial, if my flow could consume also basic href tag attributes of pasted texts (if there are many in one string).
    We don't ask for sophisticated import/export mechanism with versioning or chronological ordering...

    I assume most of us, i.e. users, are not keeping Our Flows especially short, just hope there is somebody at Opera who will go deeper, refine its functionality, and finally catch that cod.