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  • Hi,

    A couple of questions. Opera looks and behaves quite nicely. Until now, I used Chrome on Windows, but I hate how it's counterpart on Android leaves ads. It says the ads should be unobtrusive, but my experience is not so. On the other hand, I read a good review about Opera on android. Now, I like my browsers to sync, + another review I read says Opera Flow is basically the best onehanded browsing option.

    But, on the other side, I'm a heavy Google product user. Is it too much of a hassle to have a browsing sync through another account and not Google or how does it work in your experience? How does Opera work in that regard with Google docs for example?

    And considering it's somewhat smaller user base - is Opera secure? Is Opera sync secure?

    And last - I read it's based on Chromium - so basically just redesigned Chrome, or is only the engine the same and everything else "original"?

    As for the Chinese ownership, it's not ideal, bu even my HP laptop is made in China, so that's that.

    But also the userbase - how big is it actually and how safe and long-lived will Opera be?

    I don't make a habit out of changing browsers, so sorry for asking for first hand experience in advance! Thanks!

  • @shielaaston Chromium is essentially the rendering engine that underlies all chromium-based browsers (Opera, Chromium, Vivaldi, the new Edge, and a Google-customized chromium variant used in Chrome). All these browsers apply their own-designed user interfaces on top of the chromium engine. Depending on the flavor of browser and its design philosophy, the user interface of a given browser may or may not differ a lot visually and functionally from Chrome. Some Chrome features may not appear in Opera or other chromium-based browsers because of Google's Chrome customization. At the same time, many of the functional elements of Chrome do exist in the other chromium-based browsers because of the largely-shared rendering engine.

    Opera and its sync functionality are as secure as any other chromium-based browser, particularly since Opera makes an effort to keep as current as possible with chromium engine security updates. I'm not personally a sync user nor a Google docs user, so somebody else will have to address those questions.

  • Thanks for above response. It helps me to clear a lot of min questions.

  • @ozole the thing to do is just to try it side by side with whatever your default is and then if/when you judge it good enough you can switch. That's what I did. I was using Opera and Firefox (my previous default) about 50-50 for a year or so. Once I got Opera tweaked to my satisfaction it reached a point where I could deem it superior overall to Firefox.

    Previously Firefox had been my default for over a year.