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What percentage of people are adapting well to the new Opera?

  • At the moment I'm in no particular hurry to switch back to Opera from Firefox, so I'm seeing the browser's continued development rather relaxed 🙂 Still, what I wanted to express was, that the bookmark manager has a long way to go yet until it can compete with the old one from Opera's good old days. I hope it gets there one of these days.

  • Why not just find a bookmark system the works independently of the browser? Something that all browsers can access? After a while we all find that some browsers are unmatched in some areas compared to their competition. Bookmarks should be a standalone thing. They are too important to rely on some browser to get it right. The same could be said for a contact manager. Some people have thousands of people in a database like that. Each person has different preferences in how they wish to be contacted. Phone, email, IM, text, etc. This should be combined with an aggregator that brings in info from many sources. Technology demands cooperation and independence. This unfortunately means things are specialized and large companies hate that because its very competitive and they almost never produce products anywhere near as good as their smaller, more focused, less preoccupied with squeezing every last penny out of everything, competition. The sad truth of today.

  • @blackbird71 It's still early, either way. A transient such as a nearly-complete product-line redesign throws some major perturbations into a company's stats and stock behavior. Much as we might like it to be otherwise, until there's been at least several more quarters for trends to become apparent from underneath all the perturbations and reactions (corporate, internal productivity, and market perceptions), it's simply not possible to tell what the market trend for Opera ASA will ultimately be.

    Did anyone see this. Opera Mini has "signed a deal to take over the browser building unit of Microsoft's Nokia mobile phone unit and reported second-quarter earnings above expectations on Thursday, sending its shares sharply higher."

    It sounds like Opera is doing quite well, at least, with the mini for phones. Of course, it doesn't address desktop. But I doubt management is unhappy with the Microsoft coup.

    And its estimated earnings are going up up up . . .

  • ...
    Did anyone see this. Opera Mini has "signed a deal to take over the browser building unit of Microsoft's Nokia mobile phone unit and reported second-quarter earnings above expectations on Thursday, sending its shares sharply higher."

    It also sounds as though things between Microsoft and Opera have apparently come a long, long way from the "bork, bork" days of 2003/Opera7...

  • Perhaps that was a time when Microsoft felt threatened by Opera as maybe the up and coming desktop competition. Opera never quite became that. I think the data compression that Opera offers is quite attractive, particularly for mobile users (who may be trying to limit the amount of data that they download).

  • for me its impossible. I still use O12.17 but when some web page have problem then use FF. In new O some plugins don't work. For me O=Ch its means 0 features available only in O12. Maybe in future situation has change.

  • The phone agreement is only for the low-coast Nokia phones and not for those meant for the North American market. I agree, however, that Opera's estimated earnings are indeed on the rise. They are definitely on the right path. If only they had made this move several years earlier. I hope they are not too late to the party.

  • This article perhaps explains the Opera coup better by pointing out that the Opera browser now has 100 million active android users. Now that's nothing to sneeze at.

    which refers to this Opera release.

  • Yes, I saw that article earlier and was very encouraged by the numbers.

  • Ties with Microsoft a smart move? The fanbois never cease to amaze me. Google is the maker of Android, a maker of Nexus tablets, a maker of the most visited page in the world and has pretty close ties with Chromium, which is what Opera is made of. Google controls nearly everything Opera exist in, it moves a finger - Opera is dead. Ah yes, Microsoft, what was Microsoft mobile market share again? 3%? And btw Google introduced Opera Turbo-like feature in Chrome this year. And btw Microsoft forces Bing on their mobile phones. Opera is crazy to get into this fight, because MS and Google will survive it, while Opera may not.

  • Same story here.
    Long time ago i installed Chrome and Opera at home and Safari and Firefox on office computer. After two weeks of testing I uninstalled everything except Opera.
    I am still on 12.17 and still visiting this forum for news hoping for return of some features (side panel!!! we are in a wide monitor era, we should use sides).
    I clearly understand that new Opera was remade from scrap and it's brand new browser that will keep getting better and better. And thats why I return to this forum from time to time.
    I will use 12.17 until it will be impossible and when I will ... install Chrome and new Opera at home and Safari(or maybe new IE) and Firefox on office computer and test them for two weeks.

    I am not sure new Opera will win again...

  • @supernicknick

    Whine Whine Whine . . . Have you nothing better to do. Just say it to yourself so you can get a handle on it. 100 million is 100 million is 100 million. We're talking about just the android users. Now that ain't chopped liver.

  • @superncknick: if you don't like Opera, go away and find a browser that you DO like. All you do here is whine and complain. Opera is stupid. Opera is dumb. Opera will fail. Well... I happen to disagree with you. I LOVE the new browser and the company is doing just fine, your ridicule and complaints notwithstanding.

  • I'm a retired guy with a lot of time to 'tear and compare' [any old smokers will remember that cigarette cliche]. After my first shot at 23 I concluded it was a C/F. 'How could they DO this to me?' Prompted both by those of You far more experienced than I am, AND a desire to sleuth it out and do my Geezerly Damnest to understand what the heck was going on, I determined to really the Fall. Well, here at Bill's Last Stand I'm caught up on acreage management so last week I attacked it. I guess the only way you can know you are at the top of the curve is when the First Derivative is 'zero'... OR things are worse either going forward or falling back! For me, I'm there, using 12.17 as my Primary Browser and Chrome for 'those' THREE [of mine] pages that need 'Open with'.

    I've used Opera for a decade-plus...and whilst I guess I can appreciate that the Norski's HAD to 'improve or perish', I'm darn sorry it was necessary to loose those 'little' things that made Opera...OPERA. Try as I have, I cannot, CANNOT, make Chrome, Safari, nor The Fox do them.

    I'll continue to snoop this forum and a couple others, hoping to see where 23.x 'corrected' my little things. Until then I guess I'll just live here, at the top of MY curve, wish you all huge success's... and fade away. Aloha, Ciao, AMF............

  • Ohkay, I've been meddling and unpleasantly discovering many things in the past few days since I started using 23. I am kind of, KIND OF, getting the hand of managing these ridiculous add-ons, extensions..I've rambled about this in another thread, mostly about bookmarks. Just to manage bookmarks more or less conveniently I need two extensions..And I might actually need one more..That's only one thing: managing the bookmarks that I am now saving.

    When I started using this version of opera I had no idea of what'd wait for me. So..I didn't know that I can't import bookmarks easily..but I did get the ones from opera.12 with the importer... so after tussling about with all the unexpected surprises; I wanted to also import my firefox bookmarks. I thought it'd be easy if I'd reinstall opera.12 (since i'd uninstalled it in the meantime) and import them there and from 12 I'd easily get them to 23 via importer..but no, I had to uninstall 23 with all my saved user data that I've accumulate throughout the last days. Including the new bookmarks I've saved exclusively on 23.. Which meant I had to copy the html code in notepad to later re-save them when I'm done with re-installing the 23.
    So now finally I have my bookmarks...and a clinking-clanking system of extensions to save them.
    On another note, the new opera is much more reliable performance-wise.

    Still, now that I'm building something up for myself, I can't help but to think with a sense of dismay when I consider all I am going through to actually make this work somehow, only so that later there will be the opera.25 that will have the bookmarks system in it once again. Or at least that's the rumours I've heard. And for what have I toiled here, then? Only to dump it and move to the 25? That thought makes me despair! One version of opera makes me waste time on making it actually workable, when the next one comes along already set up. This is a badly planned strategy on operas side.

  • ...
    One version of opera makes me waste time on making it actually workable, when the next one comes along already set up. This is a badly planned strategy on operas side.

    Based on a number of Opera statements and some in-the-know user statements made at the time (a bit more than a year ago), Opera's strategy didn't even include bookmarks as such... it included Speed Dial and Stash. So, to be fair, the bookmarks saga was not an original Opera strategy - it was a fashioned response to user demands, unfolding in an atmosphere of a lot of other very pressing demands (not all of them "user" demands) associated with launching an entirely new (for Opera) design. After the missing-bookmarks user backlash, Opera and certain users have made it clear in statements since late last summer that bookmarks would both be returning and evolving - but that an exact duplicate of Opera's Presto bookmark behavior/management would not likely ever be the result.

  • Way too much rationlizing over a browser that just SUCKS. You can't say that the new Opera is good and have a straight face. If you do you aren't very smart at all. I don't care if someone gets mad over what I say. Its the truth. The old Opera was a hit. I still use it and it feels like a real browser. Even Firefox doesn't feel so good anymore. The main thing is looking up and not seeing a customized toolbar in the place we want it. The way we want it. Opera was lighter and custom. Opera is no DEAD. The new one is an imposter. It sucks balls. Some fools like being fooled. But you cant fool everyone. The biggest percentage of Opera users are using 12. I open Firefox to go to pages that Opera doesn't work on. But I always go right back to Opera. Chrome engine gets heavier as it sets. It lacks features. Just plain SUCKS. You cant prove me wrong without writing 1000+ words of BS rationalizations and rhetoric.

  • @thutoms

    I have the bookmarks working fine with two extensions, Add bookmarks, and Chrookmarks for Chrome. What I heard is that with Opera 25 you get a choice -- the enhanced bookmarks or Stash. I think I'll choose Stash. You could do the same if you have the bookmarks feature working fine with a few extensions.

  • Hi. Had been using Opera since 2005. Now I switched to Firefox. I miss "fit do width" and "toggle images" in new Opera. Hope these can be included soon, then I will reconsider using Opera. It has not been easy for me, Opera 12.x had everything just right in terms of features (even a torrent client!), the new version just would not work for me.

  • I wonder what kind of research did they conduct, or did they decide to take a leap of faith with this. No bookmarks...they must be very confident in themselves, in their role as the innovators or pioneers..