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  • eaa81440-c58d-46c7-93d2-99a01a7333a7-image.png
    My experience quite differs. Its quite different. I noticed that I receive this Out of memory error ONLY when I have opened my Facebook. For some reason it only happens during when facebook is open and never on any other websites.

    My system :
    Win 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 - 32Bit
    Opera ver : 63.0.3368.71
    Mem : 2GB Ram Installed memory
    Processor : Intel (R) Core i5 CPU M 450 @ 240Ghz
    Addons / extensions : Opera Block ads, Ad Block Plus, EagleGet.
    Attached is a screenshot.!

  • @rismarved said in Out of Memory message:

    Mem : 2GB Ram Installed memory

    Even though Win7 is pretty lean, these days, that's barely enough for the OS. With each tab using multiple process, the rest will be eaten up by the browser really easily.

    It's probably not a memory leak in Opera and just the lack of ram. But, you can hit shift + esc in Opera to see if it really is the facebook tab that is doing it.

    To prevent this from happening, try only having the facebook tab open when you're looking at it. Also, the more you scroll down your feed, the more memory is going to be used. After scrolling for a bit, try closing the tab and opening up a new one. Maybe sort by recent instead of top stories to the new stop is at the top so you don't have to scroll so much. Maybe visit friends' pages directly. Stuff like that.

    Also, try with your extensions turned off just in case it's one of them. Shift + esc will show that.

    Of course, it could be an Opera bug. It's just doesn't sound like it.

  • I have OOM message on 32GB even if >70% of it is free Win 10, latest opera...

  • @burnout426 Like I said. I do not open a whole lot of tabs when I am in Facebook. This is happening very frequently, but its ONLY when I am using Facebook.

    I do not receive such error messages when I am surfing in a memory heavy website such as YouTube or instagram or Twitter.

    So far, been watching hundreds of videos on YouTube and some of them on 4K 1080p preference. It does NOT show an out of memory message at all. I have been using Firefox also from time to time JUST to see if I receive such messages. I have even tried streaming a Football match once Just to see if my machine was truly having a major RAM problem. Streamed at least 3 times on separate occasions. NO such error messages.

    Even tried when I am using Facebook using FireFox. NO SUCH errors. SO that's my proof that its Definitely not my Laptop or my machine is having lack of memory issues. OPERA is the culprit in this. And I can put my finger its has something to do with the recent update of it. cos This is a very very RECENT issue.

    Been experiencing this only since the update. As you can see I am a relatively newly registered user. THIS means, I have a issue only now. Been using opera for more than 2 years now, never received such issues at all in the past.

    When I am in Facebook and I notice it happens when I am in the middle of typing a message or typing a new status update. BOOM ! the damn error comes and I have to reload and start typing it all over again.

    Its really Irritating to me Especially when I am trying to maintain Facebook Groups and need to constantly update group followers with updates. Please help guys... Seriously... I need ur help.

  • Download the Opera installer, launch it, click "options", set "install path" to a folder named "Opera Test" on your desktop, set "install for" to "standalone installation", uncheck "Import data from default browser" and install. Test in that Opera for a while, but do not install any extensions, do not turn on the adblocker and do not use Opera Sync.

    If it works fine there, it may be a new issue with one of your extensions and or the adblocker.

    Do the same thing with Opera Develop and Opera Beta to "Opera Developer Test" and "Opera Beta Test" folders and see how they work with and without your extensions and adblocker. Maybe it's an issue that's already been fixed and the fix just hasn't reached stable Opera yet.

  • @burnout426 Allrighty then... shall try this method and see if it works. Will update in a couple of days to see if I hit this same problem. Watch out for my update then. TQ

  • Ok. I followed Burnout's advice, made a new installation. Created that Opera Test folder on desktop, made the standalone installation as per advice.

    Have used this Opera Test version, I made a tiny new icon to differentiate the two, so I changed the icon this new Opera Test one. After 1 day of usage, Today on Tuesday September 10 2019 at 8.15am while on Facebook, received the same error.

    So I think its kinda confirmed now. Its not a Memory issue nor an addon problem. Opera seems to be the one with the bug.

    Here's the snapshot. !1951e3b0-a518-41a7-808f-a47dcba5ae35-image.png

  • and here's the screen shot of how the task manager looked like. Hit Shift + Escape as per instructions. 15d168d9-754b-4552-8236-bcd99d5e9224-image.png

  • Can you try with Opera Beta and Opera Developer now too just to see if it's already fixed?

  • @burnout426 Ok will try it out as per request. Cross fingers we dont hit this same problem....

  • @rismarved Thanks for trying. I did look at the changelogs for 64 and 65 and searched for "out of memory", but didn't find anything.

  • yep! same problem on page 😥 😥 😥

  • Hi,

    Are you able to find any solution for this?

    Based on your description, it is what exactly happen to me as well.
    The OOM error occur only on Facebook tab, especially if i open/active on other tab.

    This happen after i upgrade my OS and clean format my Desktop. OOM never happen to me before OS formating, even if i open 42 tabs.

    Current spec:
    OS: Windows 10 Pro (Build 18362)
    RAM: 16GB
    Addson: None. (Only Opera builtin like Ads block)

  • sumtimes out of memory is caused by widows virtue memory set to none.. in system - advance settings.. check to make sure windows is set for automatic manages for all drives or C drv's page file

  • Hey, i think i found the culprit.

    I check my opera settings, the battery saver is enabled.

    I disabled it and seems its working fine for the whole day now. No more OOM error on Facebook tab.

  • @myth89 Tried this method also. NOPE... the crash still seems to occur.

    Tommorow will mark the 2nd Month Anniversary of this Bug. 2 MONTHS and is still there. Cmon OPERA guys, help us out willya ?

  • Re: Out of Memory message

    Opera for heavens sake people. I posted this issue since September 2019. Been given a few methods, and I tried them all. [Caps are not allowed] result. The crashes still occur.

    Last update was back in November 2019. [Caps are not allowed] now. Still no solutions ?

    [Caps are not allowed] cmon buck up guys.... its such an annoying bug here...whats the problem in figuring out this simple thing ?

  • This post is deleted!
  • I get the same problem while using/listening to LBC radio, no other site is affected in this way, windows 7 ultimate, 4 gig memory,

  • Has no one solved this problem yet. I have an i5 Win 10 computer with 8gb ram. I get this "out of memory" message all the time when using Facebook - and only with Facebook. It doesn't matter if I have 1 tab open or 5. What's going on??