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opera in andorid not responsive

  • Good afternoon, actually, am new here, but I hope this forum would help me resolve my problem, I have a WordPress website which I installed a new theme known as imperion by zemez/templatemonster link text, I have accomplished its development but when I preview my website using operamini mobile, it does not centralize my website, my images and link will have a high right margin, the whole of my website would adjust itself to the right part screen margin and it looks abnormal, but when I preview it in other browsers, my website will be centralized but with operamini its not centralized.
    Operami version is 12.0.1987.97260
    Phone name is techno
    Data saving is enabled
    Its does not support ad blocker.
    Can anyone help me.

  • @elvischris Current version of Opera Mini for Android is 44, did you check with it?

  • @leocg no. I have checked with several versions of operamini in different phones, i only noted one version of the severals which I used which is among the several versions as I have listed in my first message specifications, you may try to preview the website yourself to see what I meant please, preview the site with other browsers and still preview with operamini browsers, you would see the difference yourself that, its right high margined in opera browsers more than 700px, the site link is in my first message on this post thanks.

  • @elvischris said in opera in andorid not responsive:

    Operami version is 12.0.1987.97260

    That version of Opera Mini is from 2015. Your site works fine for me in Opera Mini 44.1 as iong as data savings is set to high or auto but not with data savings set to extreme.

    Old browsers and Opera Mini Extreme mode do not support the full range of modern web design techniques. If you want to support them you need try different themes to find one that works better in those browsers. Or you can try to modify your theme.