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save as pdf - a 10 page site gets compressed to 1 page A4 - useless

  • Hi

    Using Opera many years as my main browser for many reasons, I was shocked that the feature "save as pdf" does not work as I expect. And there is no way to influence this, I have no way to influence the creation of the pdf.

    Example: I have a webpage with 10-page article.

    When I use print as xx pdf (using any of many so called pdf printers) I get as a result one pdf file with 10 pages A4, properly layout. (this pdf printer also has a plethora of params that I might adjust if something works not as expected. Thats all perfect.

    Problem Opera: Same website with 10 page article. I tell opera to save the page as a pdf file. Works very fine and very flawless, so far ok. Result: I get one pdf file containing all 10 pages one a single page A4. Ridiculous. The text is reduced ten times in size that it fits on 1 page. Nobody kannn read it.

    I got sample PDFs showing this nasty behaviour. I cannot send or upload it, maybe later if you provide my with an adress?

    Opera has many good features. eg saving as PDF.
    But I want not to have all 10 pages on 1 page, this 100% useless.

    I checked all for finding any seeing to adjust the process of PDF generation . There is no such feature available. Not even in Opera://flags.

    This is sad - means it is a take it or leave it function.

    For me, now that I know the feature is not working as expected and I do NOT have any possibilities to influence it, I must stop to use this feature. Even though it is one of the very best features.

    I will use a pdf printer - even I hate it as it takes much more time.

    I kindly ask you to give a set of parameters to adjust the native pdf generation of Opera - the current feature is ok, but the setting to put all content to 1 single page is useless.

  • The "save as pdf" feature, as you've noticed, is just for archiving a webpage as a single pdf page. It's kind of like a "save screen shot pic of whole page as pdf" feature. If you want pagination, you have to use ctrl + p and set the destination to "save as pdf".

    It would be nice to have some tweaks for the former, but it doesn't seem like Opera wants it to be anything more than what it is.