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Moving the mouse over links is not smooth (stuttering)

  • Hi. For some reason on the Opera GX browser my mouse movement is not smooth. In particular, it seems to stutter when the mouse is about to pass or is currently passing over anything that has a clickable link. This includes the side bar (it's particularly bad in the side bar), the tab bar, the Speed Dial page, or any page with hypertext links, or the clickable options in the Settings page. Passing my mouse over any area with no interactive links (blank spaces, etc.) produces smooth movement.

    At first I thought it could be due to the GX Control features, but nothing changes even while those are off. I have also tried resetting the browser to factory settings, however, I noticed this issue immediately after I installed it, which was only yesterday.

    This doesn't happen in any of my other browsers, Windows itself, games, etc. Additionally, watching YouTube or other videos, or browsing in general is smooth. However, if while watching a video I pass my mouse over the sidebar, for example, the video will also stutter accordingly.

    My PC is a desktop: i5 6600, MSI RX 480 Gaming X 4 GB, 16 GB RAM, mouse is a Logitech G102, no overclocking on anything, all drivers up-to-date (except for beta drivers), etc., so I doubt it's hardware related. And like I said, it doesn't happen anywhere else. I have not tested the regular Opera browser, just the Opera GX one, which I was actually hoping would be faster than the other options, but of course this kinda ruins it.

    Any ideas on why this is? I tried searching and it kinda seems like I'm the only one with this issue, which is kinda annoying in a way lol.

  • As an update that could give hints on this strangeness, I tested it a bit more.

    I have a dual monitor set up. For some reason Opera GX only does this stuttering lag thing when it's the application in focus. If I have another application in focus (for example, Discord, on my 2nd monitor), hovering over anything in Opera GX is smooth and normal. If I click anywhere in Opera GX (bringing it into focus), the stutters happen again.

    This is consistently repeatable. Which makes me think there's something wrong with how Opera GX and my computer are handling some kind of resource together. But honestly I can't think of anything else I can do on my end to fix this problem.

  • You could try providing a recording of what you are seeing.

    Here is an extension ( that will allow you generate a screen recording. You will also need the Opera "Install Chrome Extensions" extension installed first. You can use VLC Media Player to view it. Perhaps Opera developers could look at the recording to better understand what you are reporting.


  • I tried. Unfortunately, it seems that while recording, the stuttering stops and everything goes smooth suddenly, meaning the recording doesn't capture the problem at all. It could be related to how it's smooth when Opera GX is not in focus.

    I did however take a video with my phone, and it properly captures the issue, despite being a bit dark (phone camera, sorry). I forgot to turn on HD mode but it shouldn't be necessary as it captured at 60 FPS anyway, and you can see the stuttering effect just fine.

    Link to video here.

    The first half of the video shows the mouse pointer stuttering while passing over the sidebar. The stutter is kinda hard to see if you aren't paying attention, but it becomes more obvious after the 9 second mark, which is when I click on something on my 2nd monitor, bringing Opera GX out of focus. Suddenly passing over the same buttons on the sidebar is silky smooth as normal.

  • I hope it helps the Opera developers to figure out what is going on.

  • Just an update for anybody that may stumble on this in the future, and also for the devs in case they choose to look into this later on.

    I managed to figure it out and solve the issue. It was the "Use hardware acceleration when available" option. Turning it off removed all the stuttering issues. It also maybe explains why when the browser is not in focus the stuttering goes away (because hardware acceleration goes to the program in focus instead).

    I don't know why it's like this though. Firefox uses hardware acceleration just fine, and my hardware should be more than sufficient to run a browser.

    Anyway hopefully this will help shed some light. At least now I can finally start using this otherwise awesome browser.

  • Bump? This issue still occurs on Opera GX build 67.0.3575.87 on Windows 10 64bit. Running a vega64, ryzen 5 2600x, 16GB of RAM and the browser is installed on an SSD. Running a dual monitor setup like the OP. This issue severely hinders my enjoyment of the browser and seeing it still occur so many months after this initial post is worrisome to say the least.

  • I found a solution! atleast for me anyways, go into the features tab in your the full browser settings and turn off hardware acceleration

  • @xer0tv
    I know that it only happens with hardware acceleration enabled, but because of the large amount of tabs I use and because of the behavior of some websites, I really need hardware acceleration to be enabled.

  • @levsterwoo said in Moving the mouse over links is not smooth (stuttering):

    I know that it only happens with hardware acceleration enabled, but because of the large amount of tabs I use and because of the behavior of some websites, I really need hardware acceleration to be enabled.

    The fact that this issue is still present going on 2 years should tell you all you need to know about Opera's support for their EX browser (or lack thereof). I've switched to chromium Edge since it came out and I'm perfectly happy with the performance, resource usage and the goddamn fact that you can use it with HW acceleration on.

    Get your sh*t together, Opera.

  • @d3vilsshadow 90% of the time such things happen because the issue was never properly reported and/or no one at Opera was able to reproduce it.