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  • Hi!
    I had some problems with youtube freezing the browser, so I downloaded the new version and reinstalled. Nice new theme, but where is my beloved features? When i close a tab, it does not jump back to the one i was at before it. No dropdown menu for closed tabs, no click to zoom slider in the bottom right corner, opens a whole new window for private tabs. The settings is severely lacking in all these regards, what to do?

    I want my opera back, not this chrome skin 😞

  • Opera 12.17 is still available, and YouTube works fine with it for me.

  • Where have you been? Of course all the features aren't the same. Opera has changed browser engines, and has had to reprogram everything. It's still in the process of doing that. There are new features that Opera Presto didn't have -- like the Speed Dial with Folders, Stash, Discover. (To create a folder in the speed dial, you drag one bookmark/thumbnail on top of another). Try it, and you can do amazing things with this Speed Dial. And some of what you want can be replaced via extensions. You can now use extensions in the Opera store.

    and the Chrome store.

    Because you can install a Chrome Extension, as long as you have the Opera extension called Download Chrome Extension.

    Now on tab behavior, if you want the new Opera to be closer to what you had, you might want to take a look at the Classic Tabs Extension.

    Among other things, it "Activates the last-focused tab when closing a tab." It's been designed to try to approximate more the tab behavior in Opera Presto.

    Now you said no drop down menu for closed tabs. Try the Chrome Extension, Sexy Undo Close Tab.

    It's super and gives you all of the drop down menu that you want for those closed tabs.

    You may not ultimately be able to duplicate all the features you had, but you can do things also that you never had before. The new browser is significantly faster, can access sites, the old browser cannot do anymore. It's also the browser that Opera has committed to work on -- now and in the future. (All development on Opera Presto is frozen). I'd rather be with the browser that's being worked on. So take a little time, and yes, adjust. It took me a month to make the transition from Opera Presto (which I used and enjoyed for years), to the New Opera. I haven't replaced all of the features that I loved in Presto, but I have found new features, and come to like them just as much or more in the new Opera. In the meantime, you can use both browsers. Why not? Opera supports still the downloading of both on its website, Opera 12.17 and Opera 22.

  • Dear lem729....I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Your post above has been extremely useful to me for getting an extension that I wanted desperately for opera.

    You are awesome....thank you so much for making this possible.

  • @striker-rage

    That is great! I'm so glad you found something you would enjoy using.