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shockwave problems

  • Shockwave and Flash works so far with current DEV 25 on my Mac.

  • I moved to the Developer Build (25.0.1613.1) on Mac OS X 10.9.4 64-bit and I still get the same (mis)behaviour with the Shockwave plugin. Absolutely no change from the regular build at all. I tried ALL of the various remedies suggested in this thread with no improvement at all. Is there any plan at Opera to actually do anything about this—ever?

  • It's been a pain in my ass for the last few weeks recently i just uninstalled the current adobe flash(14) version and installed version 13, everything seems to be working fine. Not happy i had to do this but it works great now, hope there are other ways to solve the problem.

  • Just upgraded to the new 24 build and still having problems with the Shockwave plugin, still get a popup that says it's slowing down my mac and I get the spinning beach ball. This is really a pain and I'm surprised that with so many complaints that the Opera people cannot fix this.

    I've uninstalled the Flash player and done everything I know how to do, followed all the suggestions. No luck.

    There must be thousands of people who have this problem and have just given up and gone to another browser which is what I will have to do. I like the features of the Opera browser that no other browser has, but it become such a pure pain to use that I'll just have to go back to Safari.

    Please, Opera people... fix this. Thank you.

  • I've posted here a few times, tried every suggestion, every version of Opera including the new 64 bit developer and the problem persists.

    I think the best solution for everyone, at least for now, is to disable the plugin monitor in opera://flags.

    It's not ideal because whatever is causing shockwave to hang it still happening, but you'll stop getting the constant dialogue box.

    I haven't had any noticeable performance issues since disabling the plugin monitor -- if shockwave is hanging, I'm not noticing it. Is it possible that the plugin monitor is just too sensitive?

    If anyone else tries this let us know if it more or less solves your problem too.

  • It seams new versions are out yet this problem persists. Now, on 24.0.1558.53 it seams I'm getting the same problem with QuickTime plugin.

    And it took me 6 tryouts to upload this on imgur because they use a Flash uploader...:|

    So instead of adding tab preview or other features how 'bout fixing this? I'm still having the never loading page bug on Windows since Opera 15 got out...:| Now it's 24. Thats 15 + 9(NINE!!!)

  • So, yesterday I noticed there was a new version of Flash available ( I installed it and find that so far with the Developer Build (25.0.1613.1) on Mac OS X 10.9.4 64-bit it has been 100% stable. Haven't tried it on the standard release but now at least I do not have to disable the plugin or restart Opera or leave various videos unplayed on websites.

  • Check and make sure that you have the current Flash Player as of this comment the current is

    Shockwave Player is a different plug in from Adobe current version as of this comment the current is

  • It's getting pretty ridiculous. I thought Opera was the solution. Now it seems to be the problem - riddled with headache.

    I'm running 24.0.1558.61 (which claims to be up-to-date and "Stable").
    Mac OSX 10.9.4
    Shockwave and Flash are latest versions

    I get Shockwave Flash plugin warnings pretty constantly on sites such as anything Google, Facebook, Twitter, Hulu, Amazon. On some, such as Twitter this morning, it's every several minutes. When I click WAIT, it doesn't seem to slow anything down, but will pop up again before too long.

    It's incessantly annoying. The challenge is that at least one Opera rep on this board claims that it's not a browser issue. It's a plugin issue. However, I do run Firefox and Safari on the same machine, and NEVER get this conflict, so that theory is extremely weak, and the way it was presented (we don't make plugins - contact Adobe) was pretty condescending.

    I would suggest that if this many people are having the very same issue, then it IS the problem of the Opera development team, and on them to fix it. You have, potentially, a good alternative browser on your hands, so it's up to you whether you want to dismiss problems experienced by your users or actually solve them.

  • So has this problem been resolved to anyone's satisfaction yet? I'm sorry, but it's just been going on for way too long. Tonight I took Opera out of my dock and made Firefox my default browser (and am currently posting from FF). I'll return to Opera if this problem can be resolved but it's just slowing my computer down constantly and I can't work that way.

  • I downloaded Opera today because Chrome crashes too much (and sometimes takes my MacBook Air with it). Chrome also throws the Shockwave Flash error. I had high hopes for Opera, but it continues to throw the Shockwave Flash error - and seemingly more frequently than Chrome.

    I hate Firefox (and it's slow on the Mac OS). Is Safari the only option?

  • Latest full-spec iMac, with up to date version software, clean install, etc., and still I get this error! I don't notice any slowdown at all, so I simply dismiss the notification, and carry on. FWIW, Flash is the only Adobe product I have installed, so blaming them isn't an option this time. 😞

  • I can't find an English PC question on this so I'm butting in on you Mac peoples, hoping for an answer. I've loved Opera since it came on my Archos PMA and just can't seem to stick to any other browser but this Shockwave and now unknown plugin problem is getting to be a real problem.
    Version: 24.0.1558.64 - Opera is up to date
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Windows 7 64-bit (WoW64)

  • Now opera did some update and all the font in my tabs is so big they're cut off and I can't even read them.

    On top of the Shockwave thing?

    This sucks.

    I'm sorry Opera, I really wanted this to work but...I'm leaving you. It's over.

  • Now opera did some update and all the font in my tabs is so big they're cut off and I can't even read them.
    On top of the Shockwave thing?
    This sucks.
    I'm sorry Opera, I really wanted this to work but...I'm leaving you. It's over.

    The Shockwave thing is not an Opera thing. It's an Adobe Flash thing. Especially if you're on Yosemite, make sure you update to the latest BETA build you can download from here: (the build number right now should be Don't worry. It's stable. Actually, it's more stable than the final version they have right now.

    And don't try to update it from System Preferences > Flash Player > Advanced. It will lead you to the final version, which is a lower build number (you can blame Adobe for that rookie mistake) and which has this Showckwave issue that you're mentioning. The Beta build seems to have fixed it.
    Also, I would recommend uninstalling Flash Player before installing the Beta version. You've got an uninstallation build also on the same page.

    About the might be the only one with this issue, to be honest. I don't have it. Never had it.

  • Still having this problem. Some websites are un useable. Is this ever going to be fixed? Its been almost a year! mac os x 10.6.8 (not upgradable) opera 24, flash upgraded to latest version.

  • Still having this problem. Some websites are un useable. Is this ever going to be fixed? Its been almost a year! mac os x 10.6.8 (not upgradable) opera 24, flash upgraded to latest version.

    Try updating to Opera 25 from here: , this should still work on OS X 10.6.

    Note that future releases of Opera (26 and newer) will need OS X 10.7 or newer.

  • I know that Flash Player on OS X has had a performance bug for over 8 years (It is more visible on older Macs, on my Late 2006 Mac, Flash Player causes a huge cpu spike (360 resolution videos or higher video would cause a CPU spike and the CPU temp would be around 200º f), I have tried poking Adobe on Twitter. I think part of the issue is the lack of OpenGL work in Flash Player, Adobe has a lot more DirectX work for Flash Player than OpenGL.

    Why I have been using click to play plug ins, is to try to avoid the spikes

    The other thing to try is a reinstall of Flash Player, (remove Flash Player, then grab a fresh installer), also try clearing the browser cache (might have a corrupted cache file)

    I have also noticed some sites use of Flash Player (sometimes it is the video player) are different than others in terms of the Flash Player cpu spikes and the slowness.

  • The update to opera 25 seems to have fixed the slow mac pop ups. Hopefully it will stay that way. Thanks avi.

    I didn't know there was a update to 25, it always said opera was up to date.... hmmmmmm.

    chas4, flash is the overall problem. Its sucks on all my web browsers, and not just on the macs. Adobe has had plenty of time to fix the issues and they seem to do nothing about it. I wish more websites would phase flash out, as there are much better options out there already.

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