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  • i have been using the latest development releases of Opera (23) and constantly receive popup windows that say my shockwave isn't working and is slowing down my Mac. I don't get these in any other browsers. I don't really use shockwave sites but did delete and reinstall the plug-in from Adobe, and did the same with flash while I was at at it but am still running into trouble.

    thanks for any help,


  • The Shockwave Player needs on Mac:
    Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8 and Intel processor

    Download at

    Did you try Opera 22 Final and Opera 24 DEV!?

  • I am on 24 now. My OS is 10.9.

  • I'm having the same problem on the last two versions of Opera Next, now 23.0.1522.58.

    I'm using 10.7.5.

    I've tried uninstalling shockwave and even tried using without reinstalling it but I get the same message pretty regularly and it slows the browser.

    I've tried with no extensions, that didn't help.

    I want to uninstall Opera and reinstall but I'm not sure where everything is saved and I don't want to lost my speed dials, extensions, etc. Thanks.

  • You can find the information about the profile on opera://about
    However, I don't think reinstalling Opera will help you in this case.
    What version of flash do you have installed?

  • You can find the information about the profile on opera://about
    However, I don't think reinstalling Opera will help you in this case.
    What version of flash do you have installed?

    According to opera://plugins I'm using version and shockwave 14.0 r0

    Thanks for your help.

  • Sometimes I watched this alert, too. I used Opera Next 23.0 (23.0.1522.58), Flash Player ver. 14(, Shockwave Flash 14.0 r0), and Mac OSX 10.94.

    This alert screenshot →

    This alert show in Japanese, "Mac OS became to be late by Shockwave Flash plugin! Wait or Stopped this plugin".

    I selected both, but nothing. I think, When I selected "Stopped this plugin", this plugin was not stopped. Because I can watch to Flash movie (ex. YouTube, Dailymotion) after I selected. And I watched this alert at the webpage not embedded Flash movie, too. And I didn't watch this alert at other browser (Firefox and Safari), too.

  • Have the same issue since Opera updated to 23.
    I get the "The "Shockwave Flash" plug-in is slowing down your Mac. You can wait for it to recover or stop it now." every 5 minutes.
    I tried reinstalling Flash but no luck. Stoping flash causes pages to crash if there are flash clips or anything related there.
    I'm using Opera 23.0.1522.60 and Flash on Mac OS X 10.9.4 64-bit.

  • Hi! I have the same problems, with opera 23.0.1522.60 on Mac OS X 10.7.5 (macbook pro middle 2012).
    Please fix this problems, or I will jump in firefox.

  • Can you try to delete cache from Adobe Flash. Go to Mac System Preferences - Flash Player - Advanced - Delete all Browsing Data and Settings.

  • Having the same issues!

    Any solutions yet?

  • Same here on a Mac. Damn Flash...

  • Can you try to delete cache from Adobe Flash. Go to Mac System Preferences - Flash Player - Advanced - Delete all Browsing Data and Settings.

    I tried this way. And I didn't watch this alert for a while. But I watched this alert again after a few days.

  • Same here. It's quite annoying. Tried to debug but I couldn't solve the issue.

  • Anything new on this? I've tried everything suggested here without success. I'm using the last stable opera version now.

  • Guys, we added the plugin monitor to help prevent plugin crashes, freezes etc. I see a good few people had issue with this so, we are investigating this now.

    Myself, I am not able to reproduce it. So it would be great if someone could send us some info like mac specs, how many apps you have running at the same time, how many tabs you have opened, how many of them have flash content, is there anything suspicious in activity monitor (like ram usage) while getting this.

    Any info that you might think could help would be appreciated.

  • I am having the same problem, not at you tube, but at other sites like hulu, history channel, etc. I have the
    I am running Snow Leopard, but have a lion os cd coming in the mail, plus 4 gig of memory coming since lion is more cumbersome. I can't upgrade pass lion on this box,
    I ran the adobe uninstaller, and also ran terminal to find adobe which I
    hate and remove all versions from the library. I reinstalled adobe's latest version, I found
    going to adobe preview pane and selecting not running auto, but click to run helps.
    Then click on video as it runs and select quality, stepping it down helps, sometimes
    you can't select it especially at history channel as the menu for adobe freezes often.
    deselect enable hardware acceleration, and up the amount of local data it can save on your box.
    this works about 50 percent of the time. At you tube using mac tubes helps. deselect enable
    java plugs in your browser. Java's plug in is very serious security issue and they've stop
    supporting it for any machine older than 5 years old in macs. Plugs need to go the way of the dodo as they are a serious threat even for brand new machines and os's.
    By the way, if you have a video downloader like download helper, etc, let the video freeze and just download the video and play it outside the browser. Just save it to your desktop. This is more secure anyway.
    my specs are:
    Model Name: Mac mini
    Model Identifier: Macmini2,1
    Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
    Processor Speed: 2 GHz
    Number Of Processors: 1
    Total Number Of Cores: 2
    L2 Cache: 4 MB
    Memory: 1 GB
    Bus Speed: 667 MHz
    Boot ROM Version: MM21.009A.B00
    SMC Version (system): 1.19f2

  • ps. using https only add on will aggravate matters. you need to add a rule for you tube so it will only operate when you log in to your account, not when you are streaming videos. you can't force google to stream its videos https. it doesn't work yet

    Plug in checker is pointless if someone like sun java or adobe flash/shockwave aren't updating for your os anymore. Unless your willing to get on Apple's endless consumer treadmill and buy a new computer every four years.
    I have snow leopard and they act like its windows 98. Xp is still supported by Microsoft for security updates its on the longterm part of the release now.
    Ironically I also have a powerpc g4 laptop and use ten forty fox browser, and it has no plug ins in it. But I am able to still view videos without them using the work arounds the ten forty fox community supplies. check it out. mactubes, quicktime enabler etc.
    It is no longer save to use java plug in or adobe on a ppc box. You can remove them from your browsers esp Safari and still be safe and still view videos. Opera I guess has abandoned ppc users even for powerful boxes like G5's and Pros. I still prefer Opera to Safari for macs since Apple in its wisdom, like Google and Chrome, won't let you grab videos. Opera will. The internet is my tv. no cable no satellite.

  • I watched this alert a few times on Opera Next 24 (24.0.1558.25). But I think the number of times that I have watched this alert on Opera Next 24 is less than that of Opera Next 23.

  • I'm having this issue as well, it's highly annoying...