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[Solved]My entire blog empty when using Opera!

  • Hi all!

    Okay, so I called up my WordPress blog, I logged in and guess what.... the entire blog empty! Not a trace of any of the 2000+ entries, written between yesterday and October 24 2010.
    Strangely on the public facing pages a couple which I had kept public were visible. But once inside the blog.... just blank.

    Then too, when I call up the login page, everything seems borked, Huge letters which do not even fit the page say WORPRESS, to the left hand side there is a column of links instead of the pictorial page elements so I am guessing that is a CSS issue.

    I almost got a heart attack and hastily logged in with a different browser, and noticed that every blog post is still there, also as logged in.

    So this is no doubt an Opera issue, as nothing else is out of order on my laptop. I have been using Opera for many years, in fact since 2007, but I am going to call it quits. If some browser bug wipes your entire blog... come on!
    And this is in fact a terrible goodbye since Opera has that fantastic spelling correction which is absent on all other browsers. But honestly, if a browser suffers from such serious issues as to actually EMPTY an entire blog.... need I say more.

    Thanks for reading people, greetings,

    Mabel Amber

  • @mabelamber How other Chromium based browsers behave?

    The problem would be in the page itself or in the WordPress editor?

    Do you use any extensions? If so, did you check with them disabled?

    What about the adblocker?

  • Hello Leocg,

    The problem can't be in the editor, since using a different browser, Edge, all is fine. No, no extensions. No Adblockers.
    Then I also noticed that there is a CSS issue, on some page the page elements show up as a vertical row of blue links, left hand side.

    EDIT - By the way, I uninstalled and reinstalled but no joy. And all the other Chromium based browsers behave just fine. No probs at all.

  • @mabelamber Just because it works with a browser, doesn't mean that it doesn't have problems with others.

    By the way, did you check with the Chromium based version of Edge?

    So, the page loads fine but when you use the editor, it's empty? Or the page is empty too?

  • @leocg
    The page looks just fine. But there is no text in the editor. As if nothing has been written. This concerns ALL 2,289 blog entries.
    I did not check with the Chromium based version of Edge, didn't even know such a thing existed. Anyway, right now I am logged in to Chrome and all is well (knock on wood).

  • @mabelamber any difference if you enable opera://flags/#chromium-ua-compatibility?

  • @leocg

    How do I use that string please? Step by step, I am not versed in handling this kind of fixes.

    By the way, is a staff member aware of this issue? Because from the WP help forum I gathered that there were other Opera users duped by this bug.

  • @mabelamber said in My entire blog empty when using Opera!:

    How do I use that string please? Step by step, I am not versed in handling this kind of fixes.

    • Copy opera://flags/#chromium-ua-compatibility into the address bar of Opera.
    • Change the default value from Default to Enabled.
    • Restart Opera and check if this fixes the problem.
  • @yanta said in My entire blog empty when using Opera!:


    Hello, thank you for the directions.

    I did as instructed, relaunched Opera. Then accessed the blog. The blog editors are still totally empty, but now I can actually type in text in the editor field, and paste text (using CTRL + V, 'paste' is not available on the right click menu). So then the text is in the editor, I click "update" and hoopla, gone is all the text.

    I think I will just give up on Opera. Too dangerous to use now for anything. My trust is gone. Perhaps in some days the bug has fixed itself.

    Again: is staff even aware? I am not the only one experiencing this issue.

  • @mabelamber said in My entire blog empty when using Opera!:

    Again: is staff even aware? I am not the only one experiencing this issue.

    Opera staff read along here, but rarely post themselves.

    Maybe you could name the WordPress version where the error occurs, and also give a URL to the WP help forum thread that concerns Opera. That would probably help.

    Via the Opera menu Help < Report an issue.. you can also submit a bug report directly.

  • @yanta

    Thank you for your response. Makes sense.
    Here is the link to my blog:
    Here is the link to the WP forum post:

    But is that visible for anyone not logged in?

    Anyway, I just submitted a bug report to the "Opera bug report wizard".

    So far so good. Thank you everyone for your helpfulness 🙂

  • @mabelamber Opera, Chrome, Edge and IE shows the same thing here. And there are only two posts on that page.

  • @mabelamber They probably will be ware when they see this topic and/or your bug report. So far you seem to be the only one reporting such issue, at least recently.

    Opera Adblocker and VPN are disabled?

  • @leocg

    Yes, I already mentioned that, the problem is not with viewing the site as logged out, anyone can then see the public posts, and when I am logged in I can also see the private posts. The problem is that IN the blog editors the posts are not there..

    I also already mentioned that a WP staffer told me that others were experiencing the same issue. The fact that they are not reporting the issue on here does not mean all is well.
    As noted, I have not enabled Adlblocker and VPN. I have never used them and am not using them now.

  • @mabelamber Did you try cleaning cookies and cache?

  • @mabelamber Post the bug ID here for reference.

  • @leocg

    I think I did before deinstalling and reinstalling. Did not work.
    Would I have to repeat this, even on the newly installed version?

  • @leocg

    Okay, here is the bug ID: DNAWIZ-69928.

    I need to get some sleep now, so temporarily offline, be back after rest, greetings to you all from Amsterdam 🙂

    Mabel A.

  • @mabelamber Nope but maybe you could try with a clean profile if not done yet.

  • I have also had problems with my Wordpress blog using Opera since yesterday and have been unable to click on buttons or reply to comments with text displaying in the wrong place. I also did a de-install and deleted cookies and history but no luck. It works perfectly normally in Firefox so have switched browsers for the moment - must be an Opera problem but a to what is another matter.