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Unknown insecure content blocked

  • @leocg said in Unknown insecure content blocked:

    If a browser is blocking something because it could be a (security) risk for the user, then why that browser should show the link to what was blocked, exposing the user to the risk?

    you're not showing the full link, only the domain name of the resource blocked
    I don't see any security risk here because the user is usually aware the reported content is malicious.
    it's common sense to know NOT to expose themselves to the domain
    but if they do, that's entirely on them, not your fault

    @yeswap said in Unknown insecure content blocked:

    @Tcll What extension are you using that you think is blocking insecure content?
    All browsers block insecure content by default. As far as I know none of them give end users detailed information.

    the extension I'm using that I know is blocking the content is Opera's ad-blocker:
    (this is engine-level functionality, which is better than something like UBlock)
    but compare what you've told from it here:

    to something like (I had to find a site that displayed info on everything):

    why is it all these extensions can display more info than Opera?
    now yes, TrafficLight is very vague when it comes to blocked content
    but it still gives you relative info to look at

    and all extensions (including Opera) even allow you to unblock said content
    so that whole security risk argument is invalid since you have an "Unblock" button
    (actually you have 2 security companies shown proving your argument invalid)

    so since you have an unblock button, why not display the domains of what's blocked for a better quality user experience??
    I've just shown 3 extensions that give a better user experience (more pro quality) than Opera's more than ad blocker.
    please fix this

  • @Tcll The "Blocked Insecure Content" message you posted is not from the Opera Ad Blocker. It's from the core browser engine. All Blink based browsers display this same message when they detect insecure content. Here's how it looks in Chrome:
    Screenshot 2019-08-12 at 9.53.51 PM.png

  • @yeswap alright that's fair
    I didn't reallize this was a general browser feature and not from opera's core engine-level "extension"

    that said though, you're turning core functionality into an extension
    why not add extension level functionality for better error reporting as well?? 🙂

    I still hold my offer, I'm willing to add such functionality if you guys aren't 😉
    (and being a FOSS supporter, I'm willing to do it for free)

  • @Tcll Anyway, the info of what URLs were blocked is not very useful for the end user. On the contrary, it may cause confusion since they don't know all the links on the page source.

  • @Tcll You can do a suggestion for more info to be displayed.

    Don't forget to also ask for Chromium.

  • @leocg hmm...
    I guess that's fair
    and in defense of that (now that I recall), UBlock does have the default option to display less info, looking like this instead:

    Don't forget to also ask for Chromium.

    you mean like, request on the Chromium project??
    or request on the Chromium build of Opera??

    sorry, mind my autism 😛

    EDIT: where would I request btw, if here isn't the option do do so??

  • @Tcll You can do the request here in the forums, in the proper section for it.

    Don't know how you can do requests for Chromium.

  • @leocg oh '3'
    alright, sure thing

    and as for the chromium bit
    I think I'll hold off because chromium doesn't have a built-in ad blocker "extension"
    you guys are the only ones doing this I'm afraid, Vivaldi and Brave only have extensions.

    I know I can request on their GitHub though, but I highly doubt they'd listen
    I think we both know Chromium isn't exactly focused on privacy or chromium-based Opera wouldn't need to exist. 😛
    let alone Vivaldi, Brave, Comodo Dragon, and other less secure Chromium-based browsers.

    so yeah, I'll just request here since it's your functionality 😉

  • @Tcll So there would be two requests, one for the adblocker and another for the subject of this topic, the content blocker?

    The second one probably would need to be implemented by Chromium.

  • @leocg or rather, merging the ad blocker and content blocker into a more secure service, and providing extended information for various uses...
    I'll be honest, with common sense, I thought Opera's ad blocker and content blocker were the same thing
    or rather, logically, I thought Opera's ad blocker was an extension of the content blocker...
    why would they be different? that just abstracts the same functionality into something less maintainable 😕

    anyways, yeah I'm not making that chromium request
    I'm pretty sure chromium isn't going to integrate an ad blocker unless something goes viral and there's a REAL (mainstream) need for it

    you guys would have a better chance bashing some security sense into chromium devs than I would 😉
    and even then, they'll likely just data collect for google anyways, which isn't exactly comforting 😕
    (this is exactly why un-google'd chromium exists)