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  • I don't think you need to, though if they want to do it, it's okay. There's a safety issue, because Opera limited the Search engines to 5 to prevent malware from hijacking searches.

    It's just sarcastic and ironic, right? Because there is/are NO safety issue. That's a big usability issue!

    Nope, i it's really blocked because of security, ro avoid the search engines being hijacked by b as bad third parties softwares.

    When they find as secure way to allow changing default search engine, they will bring the option back.

  • Hello, I use google translate to French translate this page to English.

    There is a very secure and good search engine : called QWANT. Unfortunately, this search engine is not in the list of those authorized by OPERA. This is very unfortunate and none of the arguments mentioned in these posts can explain this failure OPERA. I found the handling to put QWANT by default in the search bar OPERA ...
    Unfortunately, this manipulation is to repeat every time one leaves OPERA. It's a shame because I like OPERA, but if it continued to refuse browser QWANT in its list of search engines, I would have to leave OPERA.

    En français :

    Bonjour, j'utilise Google traduction pour traduire cette page du français à l'anglais.

    Il y a un moteur de recherche très sécurisé et excellent qui s'appelle QWANT. Malheureusement, ce moteur de recherche n'est pas dans la liste de ceux autorisés par OPERA. C'est très dommage et aucun des arguments cités dans ces posts n'explique cette défaillance d'OPERA. J'ai trouvé la manipulation pour mettre QWANT par défaut dans la barre de recherche OPERA...
    Malheureusement, cette manipulation est à refaire à chaque fois que l'on quitte OPERA. C'est vraiment dommage parce que j'aime bien OPERA, mais si ce navigateur continu de refuser QWANT dans sa liste des moteurs de recherche, je serais obligé de quitter OPERA.

  • Same probleme that amr215

    I would use qwant for my default search engine but opera don't want to change.

    Why we can't change default search engine ? Malware or adware ? The users who use opera is "poweruser". The other users use chrome or IE.

    With google chrome, vivaldi, firefox, IE, EDGE we can change default search engine but not opera.

    I hope this option will be back. Or allow more search engine per default.

  • The users who use opera is "poweruser". The other users use chrome or IE.

    This is far from being true.

  • The users who use opera is "poweruser". The other users use chrome or IE.

    This is far from being true.

    I exclude mobile plateform.

    Opera is used by less of 5% users on global browser (on computer). In this 5%, 80% have a minimal knowledge in computer and info. It's same for vivaldi.

    The majority of people who use opera (on computer) know how install software and uncheck adware when he install.

    With chrome / firefox / IE / EDGE i can't same the same.

  • I exclude mobile plateform.

    I don't.

    80% have a minimal knowledge in computer and info

    Back in the beggining, maybe. But things have changed along the years so i'm not so sure about that being true nowadays.

    imho all that "power user" thing belongs to the past.

  • It's very possible i'm wrong. I have say "power user" because I have bad English and I have forget how to say what I really think x)

    For going back to the topic it's shame than we can't change our default search engine 😕 Without this problem opera is Really good. And for me the better browser with Vivaldi (but Vivaldi have too much bug for daily use)

  • How can Google search option be removed from the speed dial page? I would like to have DuckDuckGo

    Also, how can Google and other search be removed for :Default Search Engine" settings?

  • Can Google spy / track information using the "Google - search the web" used on the speed dial page?

  • Also, how can Google and other search be removed for :Default Search Engine" settings?


    Btw, this forum is for suggestion only and not for report issues and/or ask questions about Opera.

    So please post your questions to the appropriate forum according t your OS.

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