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  • Why can't we tag bookmarks? Tags are used everywhere. This Forum uses tags. Why not bookmarks? I don't know anyone who takes time to organize bookmarks into folders.

  • @spthomas Because there's no such feature in Opera?

  • @leocg which is what I just said. And wondered why?

  • @spthomas Maybe because not that many people care about it?

    Or maybe because it's not worth the efforts to implement it?

    Anyway, you can suggest it to be implemented.

  • @spthomas If you are going to tag the page, why would you need to (also) bookmark it?

  • @leocg I've started using tags in lots of places instead of creating folder structures. To save a bookmark, I just click save, find the tag in the list, and save. All the bookmarks are in one place. I went to this because so many platforms are using tags now. And I guess I'm used to it. It just seems easier and less error prone.

  • @spthomas I think it would be better if we could tag pages without having to bookmark them first.

  • @leocg Yeah, that would work. As long as the sites and tags were available in the Opera account to sync across devices.

  • Would also love to have the ability to tag bookmarks

  • @leocg I agreed with you

  • @spthomas I'm considering switching from Firefox to Opera. I had assumed that it would be possible to use tags by now but I can't find them anywhere. Can anyone point me to them?

    I have about 20 bookmarks on the bookmarks toolbar and all the rest (at a wild guess about 500 of them) in one folder of tags on the bookmarks toolbar.

    If Opera still hasn't got tags, can it convert mine to bookmarks which can easily be accessed from a pull-down menu like in Firefox?

    Opera looks neat and seems to need less processor, but this is a deal breaker for me as without it I will have to stick to Firefox.

  • @chrisofbristol The feature wasn't implemented.

  • @chrisofbristol You should be able to import your bookmarks from Firefox.

  • @chrisofbristol We've been discussing this the last year or so. And no, Opera does not support tags. So, you can import your bookmarks from Firefox. And when you want to add another, click the three dot menu, then select bookmarks, then verify the name is what you want to call it (usually I find it's ok), then look at the bottom of the page to see what folder it's going to, and if you don't like that you can click on it and change the folder or add a new one. Tags would be easier I think, and most of the "web 2.0" applications and social media platform just use tags. But for now, you only have bookmarks in Opera. But switching is a good thing. One thing Opera has that nobody else has is a killer Reader mode where you can see what your reading in mostly text mode, and easily resize the text with pinch and zoom. THAT is why I stay with Opera on my mobile devices. But there ARE a lot of other good features.

  • @leocg From OP "If Opera still hasn't got tags, can it convert mine to bookmarks which can easily be accessed from a pull-down menu like in Firefox?"

  • @chrisofbristol I do not think you can import tags from Firefox. I know in Firefox a "Export Bookmarks to HTML" feature does not include tags, only bookmarks. So I'd bet they won't be imported with bookmarks to Opera either.

  • @spthomas A logical thought! However I have checked the bookmarks.html file for an example and I've found this:

    <DT><A HREF="" ADD_DATE="1524828571" LAST_MODIFIED="1588703804" TAGS="Linux">GConf Settings - Docky</A>

    I know that I would have given that the "Linux" tag, so this line is the sort of thing I would expect. I suspect that from what I've read here, since Opera doesn't have tags, it hasn't imported them. However it would be good to preserve them in case the user wanted to switch to another browser later.

    I would give bookmarks a try, and provided they were easily accessed. Unfortunately they didn't import either! I started a separate thread about that here.

    I'm getting rapidly disillusioned I'm afraid, this isn't right either:
    opera no posts.png
    As you can see it says I've made no posts, but shows two. Also I can't login to this forum using Opera but I can using Firefox. Not important (and not part of the application) but it makes me concerned about how much support for Opera there is if this sort of thing hasn't been fixed yet.

  • @chrisofbristol The OP didn't say that.

  • @chrisofbristol Discussions about the forum itself should be in the Forum Feedback section.

  • @chrisofbristol It's a feature request, that may or may not be accepted and implemneted. There is nothing to be fixed.