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  • It just makes good sense to force encryption on sites you frequent.I have used this and privacy badger for years. Support them by all means they rock.The only ones to trust is EFF.

  • Интересная вещь! Долго пришлось разрабатывать? Есть ли похожие расширения в других браузерах?

  • this isn't forcing https. I see no difference than when not using it.

  • Why don't you update that extension of Opera like Chrome and Firefox?.. Is it a stepchild?!

  • @ta2df: I dont know what is the wrong with developers when it comes to Opera addons, the conversion between an extension that works on Chrome to an extension that works on Opera is fairly simple.. Opera does have a caring user base!

  • @ta2df Hello, Opera has changed some requirements for file type restrictions that do not exist in Chrome. It involves one of our most important files, our rulesets bundle, which many services point to. In order to satisfy Opera's requirements we would have to let all of our other channels that reference this file know that a very important service they use is changing it's naming convention.

    This has been tough to coordinate since we have to disrupt multiple other partners just to satisfy Opera's new restrictions. We do plan to change this over, so we ask for patience during this time.

    Thank you.

  • @efforg That is helpful information, thank you for clearing things up..

  • it's not being updated since 8 jan 2019, but in chrome store last update date is 16 march 2020...

  • EFF (Full): 2020.3.26 this is most important and its up to date 😉

  • @kavlito: It is automatically ensuring most sites switch to HTTPS when available. Sometimes, it's not available on a site so the extension can't do anything about that. However, it does have a feature to auto-block connections to sites that can't enable HTTPS. I'd only recommend that if you are on a highly sensitive PC; the average, home PC would be fine with just the basic functionality.

  • google is dyeing so i would focus on Opera Gx if i where you.

  • A must-have privacy extension for everyone, in my opinion. Why only one or two browsers has this built-in is beyond me. This extension encourages the browser to use the HTTPS protocol whenever it's available and gives you the option to outright block sites that don't use it (which is to say, not many sites nowadays). HTTPS essentially means that the only thing a would-be hacker or your ISP can see is the site you're visiting. They can't see the pages you visit or the information you send or receive from a site. This is especially important for anyone who purchases Anything online or for anyone who does online banking. However, if you're old-fashioned and don't do either of those, it's still useful. In essence, it means you'll get greater security and privacy with no slowdown and, unless you use it to block sites that don't use HTTPS, then it shouldn't break any sites either. Definitely download it immediately.

  • Good