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  • @leocg I can confirm the install does not appear. The issue is because the extension fails downloading, so it's never added to the list. A workaround is by downloading the zip of the extension and manually installing it, but it makes the process too complicated and forces you to save the zips manually in the extensions folder, etc.

  • @Keinart I've just tested and it worked fine here.

  • @leocg I'm guessing it's not all users, but as you can see for comments, it is not working for most users. Developers really need to check this issue.

    I'll try to add more details in case that helps developers:
    Inmediately after pressing Add to Opera, Opera appears in red in the task bar, same as when a download fails. What's happening in the background is that the download always fails and tries to restart all the time. If the user removes the extension and goes back, they can see how all the downloads of extensions are there.
    ![0_1607724487426_opera_LQydoic4KK.png](Uploading 100%)

    This means that the extension is never added to the extensions and users are unable to ever press Install. That's also why if it's downloaded as a zip it can be manually installed.


  • @Keinart Well, sooner that extension will no longer be needed.

  • very usefull and more option , thnx !!

  • Nice. all my chrome extension back on opera well done!

  • has anyone else encountered problems installing grammarly?

  • @leocg: i also cant se it idk why

  • Работает. OneTab полет нормальный

  • HI everyone.
    I also had problem when I tried install chrome extensions - I got error "crx_file_not_readable".
    The problem isn't with extension "Install Chrome Extensions" or Opera program but probably in system.
    I did some tests. I installed the same version of Opera (ver. 73) on my PC, laptop and virtual machine (VM). Laptop and VM allows me to install chrome extension using "Install Chrome Extensions" but on PC I couldn't. I tried solution @McSqueezy-0 but it doesn't always work, so I made something around 🙂
    Opera and Chrome base on Chromium so extensions on both browsers should works same.

    1. Find your extensions ex: Dark Reader
      • Remember extensions id (ex: eimadpbcbfnmbkopoojfekhnkhdbieeh)
    2. Install other browser base on Chromium (I used Chrome)
    3. Install your extension in other browser.
    4. Now you must find where your browser saves extensions. When you do it go that location.
      • For chrome (for Windows) "C:\Users[login_name]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions" - replace 'login_name' your account name.
    5. Find your extension (folder name is the same as your extension id) and copy it (or cut).
    6. Go to Opera extensions folder - C:\Users[login_name]\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable\Extensions - and paste copied folder
    7. Open your Opera program go to extensions (Ctrl + Shift + E) and enable "Developer mode"
    8. Click "Load unpacked" and go to Opera extensions folder (as in point 6)
    9. Find your extensions (exp eimadpbcbfnmbkopoojfekhnkhdbieeh) and go inside the folder.
    10. Inside you should see one folder which name equals version of your extension. Select that folder.

    Now you should have your extension.

  • Awesome. I can install "Calm Twitter" & hide all of the trends & news.

  • Best web browser i ever seen everything works perfect , before im ardent lover of chrome , but i just gave try to opera its awesome , chrome extentions works charm . i got everything as it is like how i had in chrome . best browser of all .... as of today (19jan 2021) everything fine ....

  • @dinkata: update your drivers , os . it works fine ..

  • @keinart: Ye for some dumb reason when I try to install an extension it just does that to me too

  • @unkk: Thanks m8

  • gostei muito mas ainda estou fazendo melhorias pra melhor dezempenho.

  • @creativei
    I want to know how you even opened the site and download it. I've been trying to open the site but it says no connection, and its been like this for a week.
    This is the site, please help.

  • @omov Ahaa i didnt do any magic , im not tech expert too , i just casually visited the link and installed it , just now also i went that link and it says " installed" . may be my configuration is good and no malware or any malcious software , tats why it worked i think. try again after re installing opera ,make sure you downloaded correct version for your pc (x32 or 64) . delete any previous entries , scan your pc for malware or malicious soft . i think you have high configuration pc , mine is low config one , if it works on my pc then you shouldnt have any problem . may be some soft conflicts or some other blocking that ..

  • @omov If you can't open the site,, then maybe something may be blocking it.

  • Cant install any chrome extension without that in addition. Please make this build in.