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Opera closes when last tab is closed.

  • I've recently formatted my C:\ drive (which is where Opera was), and so have had to re-install this browser. The thing is, and this is annoying, since doing so when I close the last tab, the browser closes too.

    One of the things I love the most about this browser is that when I (used to) close the last tab, the browser stayed open.

    I cannot find anything in the settings that controls this, and I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure what setting it could be. Does anyone have any advice as to what this could be please?

    Thanks for your time helping me on this one.

  • @cswords Opera doesn't close when you close the last tab.

    Do you have any extensions? Did you check with them disabled?

    Maybe you are closing Opera by chance instead of only the tab?

  • @leocg Thank you for your reply.

    It never did close in the past, but yes, it's when I close a tab, not the X in the top right. Unfortunately no extensions are installed other than Lastpass for my passwords and an addblock, however this was installed previously and I had no issue.

    It is playing up, and like you say it should not. I will try re-installing it and hopefully this solves the issue. I will get back to you to let you know the outcome either way.

  • @leocg I think I have figured the issue out from some quick trial and error.

    The issue is only here when I open 2 tabs, but take one and put it next to the other. I have uploaded an image as an example.

    When I do this, closing the last tab closes the browser rather than going back to the speed dial page. Do you know how this can be modified to stop that from happening. I need to use multiple browser pages most of the time, and this feature of not closing the browser when the last tab is closed is one of the best.

    Thanks again for your time.

    Opera Example.png

  • @cswords So if you open two tabs and move one of them to a new window, when you close the tab on one window then the other window is also closed?

    If you have two windows opened and closed the last tab in one of them, that window will close and just one will be opened. That's the expected behavior.

  • @leocg That's right yeah. That's a shame if that's expected behaviour.

    Even when I close down the first window, the second window exhibits the same behaviour and closes when the last tab is closed too.

    It only goes back, resets, to how it should be, by going to the Speed Dial page when the last tab is closed once I re-open the browser.

    Oh well, thank you for your time, it's just unfortunate that this happens, but at least it's clarified that it's normal behaviour.

  • @cswords If you have only one window opened, closing the last tab should not close the window and/or Opera.

  • @leocg is that still the case with v. 63.0.3368.53? Today for the first time closing the last tab closes Opera instead of opening Start page. Does it in private mode or regular mode with all extensions disabled.

  • Solved! Reboot W10 cleared the problem. Bizarre.