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  • A bug and an observation:

    The bug: whenever I drag a session to reorder the list, it opens in the current browser window, as if I'd clicked the appropriate button (I didn't). This is actually a long-standing but and I don't remember if I ever reported it.

    The observation: both this extension and V7 Tabs are (obviously, since it's a new feature) unaware of workspaces. All the tabs in all workspaces are treated as if they were a long list in the same window. This is disorienting because they seem to be sorted more or less in the order they were opened instead of Workspace 1 first, Workspace 2 second, etc. Again, it's just an observation, not a bug, and not your fault; I'm not even saying that the extension should be workspace-aware at this point since it's likely the workspace feature will change and evolve. But just a heads up.

  • @nadie-nada-nunca
    about the bug:
    Weird. I can't recreate that behavior. Reordering sessions, tabs, tabs between sessions, windows...
    on my side it never triggers session open
    tested on windows 10, stable and developer

    about spaces:
    as you already wrote, extensions are not aware of Opera spaces.

  • Today stupid Opera lost all my 1400 tabs again. I didn't get why. There was enough free space on C: drive. But when I closed Opera and waited a few minutes I noticed there is one opera.exe process stuck and it was loading my CPU. So, I killed that. After I restarted Opera I discovered all my tabs are gone.
    So, V7 Sessions (auto-saved session) saved my life again!
    @vux777 thank you for this great extension! You managed to do the thing that code monkeys from Opera failed to do. And glad to see the continued development of this extension. It seems you took into account my request:
    @aquavolt said in V7 Sessions:

    Could we get an option in settings to save empty tabs in autosaved sessions as it is in manually saved sessions?

    Now it looks like in auto-saved sessions the empty tabs are also saved. Thank you!

    I want to ask for another feature: offline session restore.
    Story: After I lost my 1400 tabs I need to restore them. If I just try to restore them by clicking Restore session button Opera will try to reload them all. Given that there are 1400 tabs it's impossible (no one has that much RAM). So, how I workaround that situation: I disconnect the network to make tabs reloading fail (so they will demand much less RAM) and then click Restore session button... and wait for a long time. The problems of such an approach:

    • long time to wait
    • Page titles are lost since the internet is disconnected and page failed to load (browser shows URL instead of page titles as the tab names)

    It would be cool to solve this problem. I see two ways here.
    First way: open tabs, but not reload them (not sure if Opera API supports that)
    Second way: make V7 sessions autosave sessions in the format compatible with format of Opera's native "Current Session". So in case of Opera fault, we could just copy autosaved last session file from Local Extension Settings to Current Session (while the browser is closed) and then just run Opera with all the tabs open, with titles without the need to reload them all.
    What do you think about this idea?

  • "Save current windows" in the drop down menu on the right doesn't work. Befor, you could save the current windows by right clicking on the large icon in the left side bar but now it doesn't work in that way anymore. What am I doing wrong?

  • @arthurbiz
    I tested it in developer and stable version
    it works fine
    in sidebar: If I left click on save session icon, it will save all windows
    if I right click it, it will only save current window

    Also on toolbar popop, sessions are saved accordingly (tab, window, windows)
    do you still experiencing this problem?
    if so, pls post your OS and Opera version

  • @vux777: Windows 10 pro v.1909
    Opera v. 68.0.3618.63
    V7 sessions 3.3.3

  • @arthurbiz
    I have a strange behaviour
    Yesterday, in stable build prior to .63 it was working fine (and dev too)
    Then last night I update to latest stable (.63) and the right click on sidebar button didn't work
    But today is working correctly again in all builds
    I hope it's just a "hiccup" in .63 version

  • @vux777
    HI, thank you for your answers. Today the toolbar popup works fine. Right click in sidebar still doesn't work

  • Can you add workspace support?

  • @SamWilde
    no sry
    no way of distinguishing workspaces

  • Thank you very much for such a convenient extension, whether there will be support for dark themes

  • doesn't save window, just sessions, at least not when there are more than one window open.

  • @vux777: same problem, window doesn't save. Browser: Opera 68.0.3618
    OS: Windows 10

  • @scaupus hi
    you are using small popup from toolbar and when you click Save Current Window nothing happens?
    Is that window maybe private window (incognito) ???

  • This was a great extension and suddenly not auto saving. Any suggestions

  • Would it be possible to add sync support or the ability to have saved sessions on multiple devices? The current method of importing/exporting sessions does not really support this as it overwrites the currently saved sessions. Maybe having them merge when importing sessions rather than overwriting would be easier?

  • @vux777:
    I have the same problem - no effect when I right click.

    In addition I recognised:
    That I don't have the icon in the icon list on top (right of address/search line). This is true also for V7 tab, V7 bookmarks and V7 notes, but not for V7 stash.
    Nevertheless I have all 5 in the side list.

    (Geman language)
    Betriebssystem:Windows 7 64-bit (WoW64)

  • Really like this extension. Works great for normal windows but isn't saving private windows 😞 Note to Dev: could you please fix this? Thank you. If fixed will donate, cheers.

  • @NeotekGuru
    You need to enable it in Opera
    go to internal Opera extensions page chrome:/extensions and under V7 Sessions click Allow in incognito

    alt text

  • @vux777: I tried this but even in incognito it saves the normal session, not the incognito session