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  • Its auto-save session feature saved my life today.

    I ran out of free space on my C: drive. After OS freed some megabytes on that drive I closed Opera. That was a mistake. Next time I opened Opera I discovered all my 1300+ tabs gone!

    Stupid Opera not only haven't even warned me about the problem with session saving (it could provide some solution like demanding to free some space on disk and retry saving session before close) it also screwed up "Last Session" file! So my session would gone forever if V7 Sessions were not installed.

    V7 sessions restored almost the latest state of my session excluding empty tabs (I use these as separator). Could we get an option in settings to save empty tabs in autosaved sessions as it is in manually saved sessions?

    Anyway, my life saved. Many thanks to the author! Great tool!

  • Здравствуйте в Opera 66.0.3515.27 в темной теме не текст полностью черный и его не видно пожалуйста исправьте.

    Hello in Opera 66.0.3515.27 in a dark theme the text is completely black and it is not visible please correct.

  • Unfortunately, hasn't been updated in over 3 years. Updates to Opera seem to have broken this extension. 9 times out of 10 the "Save current window" button does nothing. This has been a problem for several months now. Recently the appearance of the menu for restoring sessions has changed; this menu sometimes becomes unresponsive. In particular, it is difficult to access Auto-Sessions. Clicking on the clock icon will open auto-sessions, but then the menu switches back to regular sessions with the "back" button in the top bar, unresponsive. When using Opera's dark theme, the second half of the websites on the Auto-Sessions list appear in dark gray text on a black background (unreadable).

  • Please update is also nothing visible in the dark theme.

  • version 3.3.3 is on the store with the fix for dark theme
    you can force update:

    • by enabling developer mode on opera://extensions/ (top right corner)
    • and then click on update button (also top right corner when dev mode enabled)

    ...or you can wait for auto-update
    pleas export your sessions first, just in case (from extension options page)
    and do that regularly... it's a smart thing to do

  • @vux777: Thank you very much the fix for dark theme
    Is it still possible to improve the background to be dark as V7 Bookmarks

  • it is ...but that takes much more work (to implement dark theme like in bookmarks)
    I hope it will be in one of the next updates, currently I don't have a time for it

  • Is it possible to reverse sorting, i.e. show most recent sessions at top?

  • no, you can only reorder them with drag and drop
    drop session on the green line under target session node, not the whole green session...or they will merge

  • @vux777 Is it possible to add such feature? I use sessions often and have a few tens of them. I'd like t see most recent on top, because I open recent sessions more often than old session.

  • @vux777 Thank you I will wait with impatience

  • My Opera crashed and I had to do a new installation, but all my V7 sessions saved sessions are gone. Fortunately, before the new installation I saved the old folder of "opera stable". is there a way to recover my old sessions? In which folder are V7 Sessions sessions saved?

  • @arthurbiz
    I hope you saved profile folder of Opera
    \profile\data\Local Extension Settings\khmbgihnlknbjgjhmekjeoidpfimabpp
    there will be some files like log, current...
    copy those files and place them into your new Opera installation profile in the same path (same folder)
    you sessions should be restored in new Opera installation

    ps. you need to, of course, install V7 Sessions inside new Opera installation

  • thanks for your quick reply.
    Yes I saved the old folder but inside the old Local Extension Settings folder there are 4 folders. In 3 of these folders (including the one with the name you indicated: khmbgih ....) there are only 4 files with these names: 000003.log - CURRENT - LOCK - LOG - MANIFEST-000001). I opened the 000003.log file but inside there are only two lines with no data.
    Instead, in the fourth folder (it is called: flaibmngbecjljogddbgojfenfcneanb) there are many more files including 4 files with the extension .ldb. I opened the log file (which is called 000551.log) and inside there is a lot of data including the links to the web pages that were inside my old Sessions.
    I tried to follow your procedure (copy the old 4 folder in the new profile Local Extension Settings folder and then install V7, but the list of Sessions is empty. I also tried to replace the files in the "flaibmngbecjljogddbgojfenfcneanb" folder in the one you indicated "khmbgih .... "but the result was the same: no sessions

  • @arthurbiz
    First, you need to install V7 Sessions inside new Opera
    and then copy files from one folder to another (from old saved profile folder to new Opera installation).... folder name is khmbgihnlknbjgjhmekjeoidpfimabpp
    this is also extension ID
    you can go to opera://extensions/ and enable developer mode (top right corner)

    if you then go to any extension details, you'll see ID section in it
    So...the ID of V7 Sessions extension is khmbgihnlknbjgjhmekjeoidpfimabpp and that is also a folder name where extension is saving data
    other cryptic folders names are from other extensions (you can find which one by checking ID on extensions page)

    when you copied folder into new Opera, and THEN installed V7 sessions, that installation rewritten your copied folder, and in new extension there are no saved sessions ofc

    ...and when you copied files for other folder "flaib....." that was no V7 Sessions data...

  • @wasdwasd said in V7 Sessions:

    Is it possible to add such feature? I use sessions often and have a few tens of them. I'd like t see most recent on top, because I open recent sessions more often than old session.

    - for (var c = 0, e = sessX.length; c < e; c++) {
    + for (var c = sessX.length - 1; c >= 0; c--) {

    Thank you, wasdwasd! Now it's much better!

  • A bug and an observation:

    The bug: whenever I drag a session to reorder the list, it opens in the current browser window, as if I'd clicked the appropriate button (I didn't). This is actually a long-standing but and I don't remember if I ever reported it.

    The observation: both this extension and V7 Tabs are (obviously, since it's a new feature) unaware of workspaces. All the tabs in all workspaces are treated as if they were a long list in the same window. This is disorienting because they seem to be sorted more or less in the order they were opened instead of Workspace 1 first, Workspace 2 second, etc. Again, it's just an observation, not a bug, and not your fault; I'm not even saying that the extension should be workspace-aware at this point since it's likely the workspace feature will change and evolve. But just a heads up.

  • @nadie-nada-nunca
    about the bug:
    Weird. I can't recreate that behavior. Reordering sessions, tabs, tabs between sessions, windows...
    on my side it never triggers session open
    tested on windows 10, stable and developer

    about spaces:
    as you already wrote, extensions are not aware of Opera spaces.

  • Today stupid Opera lost all my 1400 tabs again. I didn't get why. There was enough free space on C: drive. But when I closed Opera and waited a few minutes I noticed there is one opera.exe process stuck and it was loading my CPU. So, I killed that. After I restarted Opera I discovered all my tabs are gone.
    So, V7 Sessions (auto-saved session) saved my life again!
    @vux777 thank you for this great extension! You managed to do the thing that code monkeys from Opera failed to do. And glad to see the continued development of this extension. It seems you took into account my request:
    @aquavolt said in V7 Sessions:

    Could we get an option in settings to save empty tabs in autosaved sessions as it is in manually saved sessions?

    Now it looks like in auto-saved sessions the empty tabs are also saved. Thank you!

    I want to ask for another feature: offline session restore.
    Story: After I lost my 1400 tabs I need to restore them. If I just try to restore them by clicking Restore session button Opera will try to reload them all. Given that there are 1400 tabs it's impossible (no one has that much RAM). So, how I workaround that situation: I disconnect the network to make tabs reloading fail (so they will demand much less RAM) and then click Restore session button... and wait for a long time. The problems of such an approach:

    • long time to wait
    • Page titles are lost since the internet is disconnected and page failed to load (browser shows URL instead of page titles as the tab names)

    It would be cool to solve this problem. I see two ways here.
    First way: open tabs, but not reload them (not sure if Opera API supports that)
    Second way: make V7 sessions autosave sessions in the format compatible with format of Opera's native "Current Session". So in case of Opera fault, we could just copy autosaved last session file from Local Extension Settings to Current Session (while the browser is closed) and then just run Opera with all the tabs open, with titles without the need to reload them all.
    What do you think about this idea?

  • "Save current windows" in the drop down menu on the right doesn't work. Befor, you could save the current windows by right clicking on the large icon in the left side bar but now it doesn't work in that way anymore. What am I doing wrong?