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  • Ok, i have been using opera for a while, and have been using the old 9.5 version, thought id have a look at the new 22 version, first thought is not good....
    where is the tool bar, you know, the one with bookmarks, tools etc is there a way to get it or have they done away with it?

  • You can get it. Click on Alt P (settings) ( you can also access setting from the Opera Menu), then click on Browser/User Interface, and put a check in Show Bookmarks bar.

    If you add the Opera Extension, Add Bookmark, you get a star on the right of the bookmarks bar, and in the right context menu when you click on a page you want to bookmark, that makes easier taking the bookmark.

    Not that you need to do this immediately, but if you want a vertical display of your bookmarks, you might want to consider a Chrome extension, like Chrookmarks for Chrome.

    To download and install a Chrome Extension in Opera 22, all you need is the Opera extension called, Download Chrome Extension.

    Hope this helps a bit.

    1. Toolbar does not exist any more
    2. Bookmarks can be imported with URL opera://bookmark-importer/ from Opera 12
    3. Which tools?
  • @angiesdom

    He's asking about the toolbar with the bookmarks, so I thought he meant the Personal Bookmarks bar. He can set that up in Opera 22 the way I suggested. He didn't ask about importing, but he can import from the earlier Opera via a click on the Opera Menu/More Tools/Bookmark Importer

  • Click the "Opera" button at the top left, there's where the main menu is.

  • Presto Opera had 8 potential "toolbars": view bar, bookmarks bar, main bar, status bar, address bar, start bar, tab bar, and navigation bar; older versions alternatively had a 'personal' bar. Tool buttons (including a bookmarking button) could be placed on many of these. It's possible the OP is referring to one of the button-able toolbars that could be configured to contain any of several bookmarking function buttons on it... and many of which bars don't exist in that way in Blink Opera. The OP will have to clarify what they are seeking.

  • Hi Guys, thanks for reply's, i was referring to the bar that had the

    "File Edit View Bookmarks tools Help"

    also, without the tools button, how does one Change the home page?
    or add bookmarks tfr that matter, hate this speed dial as they call it....

  • also, without the tools button, how does one Change the home page?
    or add bookmarks tfr that matter
    Open the Settings from the main menu (Opera button). There are start-up options and a toggle to enable the bookmarks bar there.

  • had a look at that rafaelluik, but it was just a bar there, no 'bookmarks' folder as in earlier versions.
    i just want to get the bar back, as i said above with ther "File Edit View Bookmarks tools Help"

    though i have found out how to set the home page to Google advanced search.

  • The menu bar does not exist in the new Blink version of Opera.

  • Opera 15+ has no classic bookmarks access/manager. They replaced it with a Speed Dial folders / Stash vision and only after some users' demands they integrated a bookmarks bar and API (further development of this kind of bookmarks is unknown publicly).

    To access and manage the bookmarks in the root folder and other folders you'll need and additional extension like Neater Bookmarks (direct download), which will add a button to your toolbar to display them. Enable it in the menu - Extensions.